Chapter 32 Maeve confronts Hunter


Maeve walked through the town. This was her last task. She created an army and made peace with her family and now it was time to face Hunter.

Meanwhile, at Alexander’s house, Hunter and Alex were planning. They had been planning for a while. Hunter tried to make Alex see reason. “If you mother is present in there somewhere, you will kill her.”

“No, I will save her. I will set her soul free.”

“How do you know? Do you know what he did to that stake? It’s a trick! What if you stake her and she turns to dust? Listen to reason! He claims to love her! What if he is breaking the vampire’s control over her? Do you ever think? What if he wants to darken her soul?”

Alexander was angry. He needed to choose and doing nothing was not an option. “What do you suggest? We have to do something?”

Hunter was pacing in Alex’s living room as Celeste walked in. She watched both of them. She knew everything and was trying to figure out what to tell them. However, Celeste only knew what Maeve knew and nothing more. As she walked in, she sat on the couch as she contemplated what to do. Alexander came over and took her hand. “I’m so relieved that you were not hurt.”

“She was kind. I know you have a lot of things to ponder.” She looks up at him. “Your mother loved you.” She knew Maeve’s conscience was still intact. “Hunter I know you are questioning your actions. I can see the love in your eyes. I know if you had to do it again you would do things different.”

“How do you know what I did? What we did?” He was confused and angered by her. She had the gall to question him and his choices.

“I know, I wasn’t there but I can see it all now. She gave me her memories. Please believe me when I tell you this woman is Maeve. She is the woman you fell in love with, the woman that bore you a son and the same woman that was hurt by your rejection.”

He had feared this, all his life. All his life he justified his actions by saying this his wife was dead. He turned pale. “No she died. Maybe her soul is trapped, but that’s it. We will stake her with a normal wooden stake. One we make and that isn’t tampered with.”

“How do you know it won’t hurt her?”

“I don’t.” He kept pacing.

Celeste walked up to him. “Please, you know she was a fairy. You know she had magic. How is it you still think her weak? She told you she was still Maeve Why didn’t you believe it?”

Hunter was more angry now. He didn’t like being questioned. “Control your wife Alex!” He looked at Celeste with his fist clenched as he held them by his side. “You know nothing!”

Alexander knew better than to question his wife. Celeste looked at Alex waiting for his response.

He got up and put his hand up. “Sorry father you’re on your own here.”

She turned back to Hunter. “She loved you. You need to go to her before it’s too late.”

Hunter didn’t like being spoken to like this. His face was red as he still held his fists by his side. Rather than do something he would regret, he stormed out of the house.

He walked fast as he calmed himself his pace slowed.

Maeve saw him. This was the first time she came face to face with him. Maeve had been walking along the bay. She stopped as he turned the corner. I’m not ready for this she said it to herself. As soon as she saw him she knew.

“I was wondering when you would come find me.”

Maeve looked up, she had no words for him. She marveled at how old he had become. She thought of how different their life would have been had Marius not come to her that night. Maeve was lost in thought for a moment. She pictured herself as an old woman walking hand in hand with Hunter.

“No words!” He walked over to her. “What am I supposed to do? Fight you?”

These words hurt Maeve. “You want to fight me?” She stood gazing up at him she knew her feelings for him never faded. His words hurt her though just as they did many years ago. She didn’t understand how he could still hurt her.

“Isn’t that why you’re here? To turn everyone against me! What’s your plan? Take over the town? No that’s too little for you. You don’t care about anyone. What the world? Are you going to turn everyone here into whatever you are?”

His words sliced at her heart. She turned from him and sat on the bench. Maeve looked at the water for looking at him was just too painful. She couldn’t bare to look at him.

Hunter thought of what Celeste said. He wondered it if were true. If it were then, “Maeve” he called to her almost questioning whether it was her or not. “It’s true then isn’t it. You kept your conscience, your soul.”

He had not seen her in years but as she sat on the bench staring off at the bay, Hunter could see the pain on her face. He wouldn’t have believed it had he not seen it for himself. Celeste was right. He became overcome with regret. He couldn’t believe how much he had hurt her. Reality hit him. If she was hurting now, then she was hurting when he turned his back on her. She must have been hurting all this time. Hunter watched as tears streamed down her face. They were dark red tears, and they seemed darker against her pale complexion.

He put his hands over his face and fell to the ground crying. He covered this mouth to muffle his cries.

Maeve looked over as her face was now red from her tears. She watched as he fell. His guilt was over taking him. She could hear his gulps as he cried trying to keep breathing as he cried “Maeve!” He called to her.

She sat on the bench wanting to run to him but fear was paralyzing her.

He looked up and saw her. “Maeve please.” He was now begging her for forgiveness.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”

She looked over as he was now kneeling in front of her holding her legs. She put her hands on his face. “Hunter.”

He pulled her close.

Maeve shook in fear. She wanted him to love her. She wanted him to hold her but she was scared that he would attack her. “Please, please don’t hurt me.”

“Oh Maeve, I’m so sorry.” He stood up and sat down next to her. “I thought you were dead. I mean your soul. I thought they replaced you. I lost either way. I don’t want to hurt you. That is the furthest thing from my mind.”

Maeve took his hand. “I was hurt but you never lost me. I’ve always loved you and I have always been here. I know you thought you were doing the right thing that night.”

He squeezed her hand. “You look so young. All the color is gone from your face.” He took his handkerchief and wiped the tears from her face and then leaned in and kissed her.

She had longed for him to come back to her, to love her. She moved hand to his side and moaned as he kissed her. “Hunter.” He pulled her close as she kissed her. “Come home with me. We can start over. We can fix this.”

She smiled, “I would love to have my family back.”

He stood and put his hand out to her as she took it. “I won’t let them hurt you., I have hurt you more than anyone and I will have to live with that. I will die before I see you hurt again. I never want to see you hurt again.”

She smiles, “I missed you so much. The darkness does things to you. It makes you forget and it’s so painful.”

He takes her hand as they walk to his house. Maeve looked at him as they walked. “I’ve been watching you know. Your life, Alex’s life. I watched him grow and Matthew. I saw it all.”

He frowned. “Every time I say him, all I could see was you. I know I was an awful parent. I didn’t know how to do it without you.”

She stopped walking and turned to him. “Hunter, what were you supposed to do. I would have stayed. I would have done everything I could for you.”

“I know now.” he smiles as he stood there looking at her. He opened the door and walked inside.

Maeve stood on the porch and Hunter wondered why she didn’t come in. “Maeve?”

She laughed, “It’s well you have to invite me in. The cabin is different that was our own. This is your home.”

“Well Maeve, come in because this is not longer my home but ours.”

She stepped inside as the invisible barrier came down. Hunter pulled her close and kissed her. Maeve kissed him back. “But I’m old now. I haven’t done this since you.”

Maeve kissed his neck. “I don’t care how old you are, I’m just as old as you. I love you. Let me show you.”

Hunter’s face flushed as he held her. “I would carry you upstairs as I did on our wedding night but I’m old and frail now.”

Mave touched his face. “Hunter, you still love me. That’s all I need.”

Hunter leads Maeve to his room. As soon as she walked in she saw her picture on the night stand. She picked up and look at him. “Its our wedding photo?”

“It is. I look at it each night before I go to bed. I thought you were dead.”

“I maybe cold. I might be pale and my heart may not beat like it used but I am very much alive. You of all people knew I had magic. I could keep my memories, my soul I guess.”

“I know. Now I know. I love you.” He pulls her to the bed and wraps his arms around her waist. She laughs as they lay on the bed. Maeve wrapped her legs around his as they kiss.

Celeste and Alexander were still at home. “We have to check on him.” She said.

“I know. We can go to his house and see if he is there.”

As they walked to the house, Alex notices that the door is open. He turned the handle and motioned for Celeste to keep back and stay quiet. He stepped in and looked around. Everything seemed in place. Celeste stood behind him watching. She looked all over the downstairs and the basement. He walked back into the living room, “I don’t know where he is or why the door was open. He never does that.”

Then he heard some muffled sounds coming from upstairs. He looked at Celeste. “Stay here.” He walked up the stairs listening as he wondering what it was. As he come to his father’s room he saw that the door was ajar. He knew the noises were coming from inside the room but he never expected to see what he was about to see. He pushed the door open trying not to make a sound. As the door opened he gasped. He was grateful that they were both under the covers. He had the courage to speak up, “So I guess this means you’re not going to kill each other?”

Maeve and hunter jumped up as they recognized Alexander’s voice. Hunter pulled the blanket over Maeve. “Alex can you give us a moment.” His face was as red as Alex’s.

Alex shut the door and walked downstairs. Celeste noticed something was wrong. “What happened?” She walked over to him, as Alex poured a shot of rum.

He drank it fast and then poured another shot. He looked at Celeste. “My parents.”

“Yes, what about them” She looked concerned.

“Their upstairs,” He turned and looked at Celeste. “In bed.”

Celeste smiled, “Awe they still love each other.”

Alexander was disgusted, “Oh just stop! He’s like 80 and she looks like she’s 30. A few hours ago he was talking about killing her.”

“He loves her. She loves him. Why does anything else matter? Be happy for them. They found each other after being apart for years. They forgave each other. You know both of them were hurt. Can’t you be happy for them?”

“I can be happy for them but I don’t want to see it.” He sighed, “And now I don’t know what to do. How do we help her? How do we free her? If they are just uniting now, how can I take that from them?

Maeve looked up, Hunter was blushing. “Are you embarrassed by me?”

He looked at her and started to laugh “No, well I’m embarrassed but not of you.” He smiled and stroked her hair.

He kissed her neck, “I just don’t to leave. What if this here is all we have?”

She tried to hold her tears back as each time she cried her tears were of blood. “Hunter, please don’t speak like that.” She sat up and held him. “You and I have been through hell. We can make it through this. We need to. I don’t want to lose you again.”

“Maeve, you will never lose me. I made awful choices, I hurt you, And I will have to live with that all my life. I will fight now, I will fight for you and our family.”

She smiles and touches his face. “I need all the help I can get I love you so much.”

He smiles, “I love you too.”

Maeve and Hunter come downstairs to where Celeste and Alex were waiting for them.

Maeve felt uncomfortable. She knew they were doing upstairs If she could blush she would have but Hunter was blushing enough for both of them.

“So what do we do now?” Alex asked.

Maeve wasn’t sure what to do. “I still have a master, I don’t know how to break that connection.” She had She knew that was because of Hunter. The more light she had she loved Jonathan and the more she loved Hunter. Was she two different people? One of light and one of darkness. Could she fight this? She had to fight!

“And the shadow king? What about him?”

“I don’t know. He has a plan but I don’t know all of it. Some how he wants me to become darker. To be more powerful but I don’t know how he will accomplish this.

“The stake he must have cursed it. I told you that was a bad idea!”

“Yes, but a regular stake would kill her.”

“Maybe Libby would know more. We could ask. Maybe she would know how to break the connection.” Celeste knew Justin had been talking to Libby and Cari.

Maeve looked at her in awe, “Really?” She couldn’t believe it.”I could be free?” She sat on the couch in a daze as she thought of her freedom.

Hunter sat next to her and took her hand. “We will find a way.”

Maeve put her head on Hunter’s shoulder. “But, it could be dangerous. Just kill me and this nightmare will be over.”

Celeste looked at her in shock. “You’re giving up? But why? All the memories I have from you show me that you are strong?” She didn’t understand. They were all here to help her now.

“I am strong, but I have caused all of you so much pain.”

“I was the one who caused you pain. If not for me you could have been happy. We could have done this years ago. You and I fighting together for our family.” Hunter looked at her with love in his eyes.

“But how do we do that? How will we know what to do?”

“I don’t know a lot. Some basics but fairy law. I know little of vampire law. He kept me away from that. Now the shadow realm is different.”

“Then Libby could help us. She could research and Maeve you know magic. I’m sure together we could figure something out.” Celeste knew much of what Maeve knew. So she knew they could fight. She knew fairy law now and the laws of the shadow realm. “I’m sure we could do it.”

Maeve was overcome with emotion thinking she could have her life back. “I feel like this is a dream.” She looked at all of them. “I could get my life back.”

“Justin asked Libby for help when we came back. Maybe she found something.”

“Justin did that?” She knew he was bright but she was moved, not only by his hug but she knew now he was fighting for her too.

“Yes ever since we came back, he’s been searching for answers.” Celeste knew this information would be important to Maeve.

“He’s so bright.” Maeve smiled.

“Then let’s go. We can plan here. Get them. Libby, Cari, Justin.” She was about to say Luke but then he looked at Maeve.

“Free them. All of them.” Alex look at her trying to assert his authority,

Maeve didn’t know what to say. I could free Luke but the others were better where they were now. Being a part of Jonathan’s army gave them purpose.

“I can’t let them all go. I don’t control them. It’s not like what my master did. Maxwell and most were homeless before I came.

“I’m sorry but it’s the truth. Most of them were homeless before I turned them and many of those were veterans. They were sick and dying left out in the cold. No one was there for them. The town turned on them like they turned on me.”

“They have purpose now. No longer are they aren’t hungry or freezing. They now have something they can be proud of. I can’t take that away from them.”

“I know. I guess we never realized how bad it was for then.” Alexander felt ashamed. He knew how the town had treated these men and he did nothing to help them.” He sighed, “Ok but Luke. You can release him?”

“I can.” She was thinking of going to Luke. “He would be lost in the woods. I need to tell him.”

“I will go with you. I just got you back. I am not letting you out of my sight.” Alex replied.

“We can meet back here then. I can get Cari, Justin and Libby. We can all meet back here.” Celeste stood and took her coat.

Hunter stood up. He was not about to let her go by herself. “I’m coming with you.” He looked at Maeve . He was afraid the Shadow King or her master would come to her. “I need to protect you.” There was something very humorous about this. An eighty year old man vowing to protect his vampire bride from the forces of evil.

Jonathan and Maxwell were having a difficult time watching Maeve gain of light.

Jonathan was watching from the shadows as all these events unfolded. The shadow realm is unusual. Its also a mirror image of the real world. Everything is dark and lifeless there. Everything was in black and white. Flowers didn’t grow there. They died. It was a desolate place. Shadows in the real world acted as a mirror of doorway to the Shadow Realm. This was a window into the real world.

Jonathan watched Maeve from such a window. He knew Maeve had more light now in her because of Hunter. He knew once Hunter begged her forgiveness she would grant it to him. Even though it pained him it was still part of his plan. He needed to break the connection she had to her master. He also needed her to chose him when the time came. He wanted her to choose him. He needed that.

Jonathan knew only Alex could break this connection. He told Alex what to do and now he needed to ensure that Alex did just that.

As Jonathan watched Maeve and Hunter he would scream out in pain. All the residents of the Shadow Realm trembled in fear as they heard his cries. Some of them knew of his plan but not all of it. They couldn’t understand why he put Maeve their mistress into such a difficult position.

Jonathan walked out of his room as some of his souls of guards were standing at attention outside. They could see how angry he was. Most in the realm heard his screams and most were smart enough to avoid his gaze. However one poor soul looked right at him.

Jonathan was shaking as he tried to get the images of Maeve and Hunter out of his mind. How she touched him, how he kissed her and how he professed his love to her. It was all too much for him to bare.

He walked over to him and smacked him. He imaged he was hitting Hunter. “You fool,” He hit him again, “You think she loves you.” He kicked the man as she fell over. “She loves me. You idiot!” He continues to kick the man as he lay on the floor. “It’s all part of my plan.” He emphasized the word “my”. It was his plan, but he hated watching Hunter touch Meave. As the man lay on the floor all he could see was Hunter. The frail old man laid on the floor bleeding and crying. Those who witnessed this were terrified. They could see their Lord was unraveling before their eyes. Meave was the one who kept him calm. She helped him think and have a clear head. Many of his subjects fear this plan of his would be disastrous but they would never tell him this.

Maxwell was loyal to Maeve, not controlled by her but loyal to her. Jonathan knew this. As the man still seeing him as Hunter, he saw Maxwell approaching. “What do you want?” He said as he was still upset seeing Maeve with Hunter.

Maxwell could see how upset he was. “My Lord, you know my loyalties are to your Queen. I fear the light she is received. Allow we to help her. What can I do?”

Jonathan kicked the man who laid motionless on the ground as the man’s blood sprayed up on Jonathan. He wiped his face and looked at Maxwell. “This is all part of my plan. This is a difficult part but I need her to have this light. She will always have light. She needs it. I know you don’t understand. Trust me. I have her best interest at heart.”

“Yes my Lord but it is hard to watch.” He bowed.

Jonathan snickered, “Oh, I’m sorry you think this is hard to watch. Poor little solder.” Jonathan scoffed thinking Maxwell had the gall to say it was hard to watch. Maeve was his wife not Maxwell’s.

“I apologize I know this is for more difficult for you then me. I am offering my services to you.”

“I know you are loyal to Maeve. One day she will be powerful and dark.”

Maxwell did not understand. He wasn’t sure how he would accomplish this. He feared his mistress’s safety and her sanity.

Jonathan could see how troubled Maxwell was for he too cared for Maeve. “I understand. You must have faith in her. However, we will visit her. You will see as I will that our Maeve is still there.

As Maeve made her way to the barn to get Luke, the air around her turn cold. She knew Jonathan was nearby. She felt like her heart, her mind, and her soul were tearing in two.

There was this light this hope she could feel. It was warm. It represented her love for her family, for Hunter and Justin and Alex. Love for Matthew and his entire family. Even love for Celeste. She had power in the light. Her fairy magic and the magic of love made her strong.

But there was another side to Maeve. This said was dark and cold but there was still a little glimmer of light. Just enough so she could love Jonathan. He gave her this light, but it wasn’t enough to counter the darkness. This Maeve was cruel. She tortured many people over the years. Her subjects loved her for they knew she would stop at nothing to protect them. Maeve was also calm and reasonable despite her madness. She could keep their king, Jonathan, in check. They balanced each other out.

Maeve once pulled the fingernails off a man who dared to question Jonathan. Each day she would feast on this blood and remove another part of his body from him. Jonathan was aroused each time he watched Maeve torture. He could come to her after almost after every victim and kiss her. He would pull her close despite any blood that was on her. He loved how wild and untamed she looked. Most of the times he took her to bed afterwards.

Now as Maeve stood in the woods feeling the cold, she could also feel the pull from both sides of her conscience.

Jonathan watched her as the air turned cold.

“Maeve, what’s going on? It’s freezing.” Hunter would ask.

Just then Jonathan moved his hand over the area and froze everything in time. The entire town was frozen from the woods to the center of town.

Jonathan and Maxwell then emerged from the shadows and walked over to where Maeve stood. Maeve stood frozen just as Hunter stood next to her frozen.

Jonathan touched her cheek, pulling her into his time. “Hello my dear.”

Her eyes widen in fear. Fear that Jonathan would be angry with her. Just standing in such darkness. This made her own darkness emerge “Jonathan.” She touched his face as the darkness ran through her veins. She held onto him as the pain ran through her body. For darkness was much for physical then some realize. It is emotional and physical pain. The anxiety and the depression she felt when Hunter abandoned her and took her son from her was far to real and physical to ignore. Her eyes darkened as the darkness took its hold over her.

Maxwell stood in the back waiting.

“Jonathan. You’re here.” She smiled. Then she felt bad standing next to Hunter. She looked over at Hunter and then back to Jonathan. “I messed everything up.”

“No my love, you didn’t. I have to admit it was hard to watch you and Hunter, but I know it was for the greater good. This is all part of my plan.”

“I do. It’s just the old me came back. She is weak.”

‘No my dear, she is not. She is a part of you and you are not weak. Have faith in yourself.”

“How is all of this part of your plan? Please tell me your plan.”

“It is better you don’t know. Don’t you trust me?” He asked.

“I trust you, but you don’t seem to give me the same trust.” She looked at him with determination. Maeve didn’t want to mess things up. She wanted to know.

He laughs, “Oh course I do, but you are doing much better not knowing.”

She gives up this argument and holds him close. “Please don’t go. Don’t leave me here with him.”

“You will be fine. I needed to show Maxwell that you are still here. He was concerned for you.”

Maxwell nodded as he stood nearby.

“Good evening General.” She smiled seeing him knowing he was loyal to her.

“My lady.” He added.

“Now what do I do? How do I go back to being with Hunter?” She kisses him. “You can’t expect me to go back to go back to him.”

He moans as she kisses him. “Please Maeve, you have to. It’s part of the plan.” He tries to stop her and protest against her advances.

Maeve kisses his neck. “Jonathan you can’t tell me you don’t like this.”

Even though he tried to push her back, he was taken by her aggressiveness. “Oh Maeve.” He kissed her back as he pushed the memories of watching Hunter and Maeve together away.

“Come on, please don’t send me back. Not yet. Not to him.” She batted her eyes at him as she gazed up at him trying to be seductive.

He was more and more aroused by her. “Oh Maeve.” He grabbed her and kissed her.

Maeve rubbed her legs against his as she kissed him. Her eyes became wild and almost frantic as she kissed him.

It was as if the two thought this was the last time they would be together. He pushed her against a tree as she take off his clothes. He laid her down on the cold ground as they made love.

Maxwell turned around to give them some privacy as he was the only one who was not frozen in time.

Maeve rubbed her hands on his back as she wrapped her legs around him. “Jonathan.” She would call to him as they made love.

He held her close as he whispered in her ear. “My love, you will fight a great battle. A battle for your soul. You have two minds. Sometimes the light will take hold, sometimes the darkness will, but it’s okay. Don’t fear when your love for Hunter comes back. I will use this love to destroy them.”

Maeve knew what that meant but in her state of darkness she wasn’t sure if she wanted to go back to that. She aware of both sides of her personality. She knew when her light side was in change what the dark Maeve had done. It pained her to know how evil she had been.

This dark Maeve was often ashamed at what she did when she was light. How weak and forgiving she was? Are you gullible, naïve? Forgiving Hunter?

As the air warmed Hunter awoke Maeve was sitting on the ground crying. She had her head on her knees as she sobbed. Hunter knelt next to her and put her hand on his shoulder. She didn’t move as she kept crying.

Hunter sat next to her and pulled her into a hug. He didn’t understand why she was upset but he assumed the shadow king and something to do with it.

He did, Maeve felt awful. Maeve couldn’t believe what she did with Jonathan. She knew what she did but she also that her dark side was in control. Jonathan wanted the darkness to take over.

“Hunter, I can’t control it.” She said without looking up.

He didn’t understand. “Maeve you can fight it.”

“Hunter, you don’t understand there are two Maeve’s. One has light and the other darkness. Jonathan, that’s the Shadow King’s name, he wants to get rid of the light. So there isn’t any there.”

“I won’t let that happen. We will fight this as a family. Like we should’ve years ago.”

Maeve smiled, “I hope so.”

Hunter took out his kerchief from his packet and wiped her face, “Come on. Let’s get Luke.”

As they arrived at the barn, Luke was standing at attention in from of it. “Luke, you are free.” She said.

Luke fell back as he woke from at once and lost his balance. Once he got his bearings straight. He looked at Maeve with hatred. “What kind of monster are you?” He lunged at her. Hunter jumped in front of Maeve trying to protect her as Luke knocked him down.

“Hunter!” She yells as he falls into her arms.

“Why the hell are you with this monster!” Luke yelled. “Why would you jump in front of her?” He didn’t understand as he was now pacing in the background.

Maeve ignored Luke as she cared for Hunter. She held him in her arms. Hunter moaned as she held him. “Maeve.”

“Shh, I’m here.” She smiles as she runs her fingers through his hair.

She helps him up. “I know you wouldn’t get hurt but I couldn’t let anyone hurt you.”

Luke stood bewildered.

“Sheriff this is my wife, Maeve. You will not touch her.”

He spoke with such determination. Such that Luke had never heard from him before such passion.

“We came here so you would know how to get back to town.” Maeve was trying to make peace but she knew it would take time.

“Fine, show me the way but if you don’t mind. I will stay behind you.” He said as she looked at Maeve still not trusting her.

Maeve nodded.

Hunter took Maeve’s hand. “Everyone is meeting back at my our house. Cari will be there waiting for you.”

Luke turned to Maeve. “What you didn’t attack her did you?”

“I couldn’t.”

Luke didn’t understand “you couldn’t?” He didn’t understand.

“I’ll let Cari explain it to you.”

The three of them headed out of the woods and into town, There was an uncomfortable silence as they waited for the others to arrive.

Maeve smiles as she looked around the house. She felt like she was dreaming. This was their home. They could start over. She could have a life. She walked in the kitchen and touched the stove and sink. “We could have had an amazing life.”

Hunter came behind her and wrapped his arms around her. “We still can.”

She leaned into his arms and put her arms around his.


When Friendship is a Lie



Was it all a lie?

The things you said

And the things you did?



Wasted phone calls and texts

Wasted tears, wasted time



Vulnerable, trusting, naïve

Sensitive, exposed, defenseless

Heartache, bitterness, and sadness



Trust no one

Shall I live my life with distrust

Self doubt and uncertainty



How do you overcome when

All I knew was deception.



Hide myself and  block out the world


Rise above and let in the world



How to do you let in the world?

And let in more lies, hate and deceit.



Hold onto to what you know,


What did you know?



When  friendship was a lie


I Write

I write when I’m happy

I write when I’m sad

I write when there nothing to do but the thoughts they do come

The thoughts of far off places

The thoughts of great things

Thoughts of characters and places oh mind let me sleep

I write when it sunny

I write when it snows

I write when it’s rainy and there’s nothing to do

The thoughts of great murders

The thoughts of great plots

The thoughts of great romances, and killings and blood.

I write when I’m angry

I write when I’m stressed

I write when I’m alone but the thoughts they do come.

The thoughts of true love

The thoughts of great duels

The thoughts of great illusions, wizardry and more.

The thoughts of fantastic creatures

The thoughts of amazing feats

The thoughts of incredible triumphs, adventures, and more

Chapter 31 How Maeve Turned


Maybe the stress of having a baby was getting to Hunter. He never had much attention from his own family, and when he meet Maeve, she gave him so much love and attention. He was filling the void he had inside of him. It was an amazing life until Alexander came along. Maybe he thought his life would be different. Maybe he thought having a baby wouldn’t change anything, but it did. Maeve was always taking care of Alex, feeding him, bathing him, changing him and burping him. And if that wasn’t bad enough when she wasn’t caring for him she was talking about him. Hunter couldn’t take much more of it.

He would lie to Maeve and tell her he had court or something like that. Sometimes he would say he was meeting colleagues, sometimes clients. It didn’t matter because he wasn’t meeting anyone.

He would go to a bar and just drink. He sat looking at the mirror across from him as he drank. “Is this all there is? I thought life would be better than this.”

That night Maeve was making dinner as normal waiting on Hunter. She sighed as she stirred the pot of soup. “Where could he be?” She always wondered where he was. She never believed his lies. “All these meetings.” She said to herself. Her heart sank as she thought of what he was doing. “Maybe he found another woman.” A tear ran down her face as she thought of this.

Alex was crying. She turned the stove off and went to care for him. However, before she could do this, she heard someone outside. It was as if the wind was carrying her name. She couldn’t turn away.

Maeve walked to the door. She put her hands on the door and listened as Alexander cried in the background.

The wind carried her name through the trees it seemed to getting closer and closer. Then it stopped. Maeve seemed to wake up at that point. She wondered why she was standing there. She shook her head feeling confused and bewildered.

Alexander kept crying and this time louder than before. Maeve realized he must have been crying for a while by then and wondered why she didn’t attend to him sooner. “Shh, mommy’s here.” She picked him up and rocked him for a moment before sitting on the couch and feeding him.

Alex cooed in her arms as she feed him. Maeve smiled as she held him and then yawned. Maeve was not sleeping. She felt like she was losing Hunter. He was slipping away from her.

“Oh Alex, what did I wrong?” She woke up every two hours to care for Alex. During the day she tried to clean and cook. She felt like she was walking around in a fog. Was this all there was to life, cleaning, cooking, and caring for Alex. Was this all she was now? Did Hunter even love her anymore? Maeve cried as she held Alex.

The voice came back again. “I must be crazy.” The voice was so soft and sweet. It beckoned to her to come.

“Maeve. Maeve. Come my love.” The voice would call.

Maeve picked up Alex and set him back in the bassinet. She then walked to the door but this time she opened it. The night air hit her face, but it didn’t wake her from her trance. The voice was closer now and continuing to become closer as if it traveled through the air. As the voice came closer, the surrounding air became colder and colder.

A milky mist formed along the tree line. Maeve watched as the mist became to form what looked like a man. He moved toward her. Had Maeve been thinking she would have run inside. She would have screamed for help and ran to protect Alex. But she wasn’t thinking. She had this strange urge to please this man. The closer he got to her the more she wanted to please him.

“Hello Maeve.” She said with a sinister smile.

After a while, Maeve could speak. “How do you know me?”

Marius took her hands in his, “My dear your name was written long ago. You will be powerful my dear.”

Maeve at first flinched as he held her hands for they were as cold as ice. She realized then just how cold it had gotten around her. She could see her breath but not his. He seemed to not be breathing at all.

He smiled and to Maeve his smile was captivating. She smiled back.

“Come Maeve. You are a very important woman.”

Meave didn’t feel important, so the words made her feel proud. She wondered how she could be important but it almost didn’t matter. She loved the attention and care he was giving her but it was more than that. Meave felt like she had no control. Alex began to cry and she needed to care for him. Her heart knew what she needed to do but her body wouldn’t move. Inside she was crying for her son but there she was standing there with this man. She was torn between her son and this man she didn’t know who seemed to have some strange hold over her.

Her hands trembled in his. “Please my son.”

Marius smiled, “You won’t care about him much longer.”

He moved her hair away from her neck. He kissed her neck.

Maeve moaned as he kissed her. She had not felt this sensation in a while. Hunter never touched her anymore. She wanted to pull this man close. She couldn’t understand the connection she felt to him.

He whispered, “Shh save your heart. There is another who longs for you.”

Maeve didn’t understand, but she almost woke from her trance. “Alex” She knew she needed to turn and run from this man.

As Maeve turned, Marius grabbed her arms and pulled her towards him causing bruising on her arm. This time he didn’t kiss her neck, instead he bit her. He sank his teeth into her neck and feasted on her blood.

Maeve screamed and tried to fight. As the initial pain of the bite wore off she was filled with warmth. She didn’t understand since he was so cold. She moaned as her blood is drained. He continued to drain her as she held onto him.

He laid her on the ground as all of her energy was drained along with her blood. He stood over her and admired his work as he wiped her blood from his lips.

Maeve laid on the ground motionless. Her eyes wide open as she stared off into the woods. Her skin was much paler than before almost white and striking compared to her bright red hair.

He knelt down next to her. “I will call upon you again to finish out business my dear.” With that he left her and walked into the woods.

Maeve could see and hear everything that was going on but she couldn’t move. She watched as Marius turned into mist and then the midst floated into the woods.

A few hours later a drunk Hunter stumbled along the road on his way home. As he came closer to his house, he could hear Alexander crying, but it was more of a scream. Hunter wondered where Maeve was and why she wasn’t caring for him. He ran up to the house along the long familiar path. As the path came to an end, he saw Maeve lying on the porch.

She laid there with her eyes still open staring off into the woods.

“Maeve!” He yelled as he grabbed her and tried to get her to look at him, “Maeve!” He yelled again. He picked her up and carried her into the house. He laid her on the couch and it was only then he saw the blood. It was all over her neck. Hunter touched it then went to retrieve a cloth from the kitchen. He wet it with water and then returned to clean her wounds. Two puncture holes because visible as he cleared. “What in the world?”

Hunter assumed that Maeve was just in shock. So he pulled a blanket over her and when to make some hot tea since she seemed so cold.

As the kettle was warming Hunter went to check on Alex. He changed him and feed him. “Shh it’s ok. Mommy will be fine.” He rocked him in his arms and then set him back down.

Then he walked outside and brought firewood in. He made a fire hoping to warm Meave up.

Soon Maeve stirred. She moaned in pain as her neck was still sore. She felt weak from the loss of blood. “Hunter.” She said as she tried to sit up.

He turned to see her struggling. Hunter had been having a rough time adjusting to life with a baby but that didn’t mean he didn’t love Alex of Meave. He loved them.

He ran over to her to help. “Don’t move.” He sat by her hoping she could shed light on what happened to her. He felt her head surprised that she was still so cold. “Please drink this.” He helps her up and gives her a cup of tea. He kissed her on her forehead which always seemed to comfort her before but this time Maeve felt nothing.

Hunter realized that he was losing her. He had been ignoring her ever since Alex was born. Now she was hurt. He sat next to her and held her hand. “Maeve I’m so sorry.”

She looked up wondering why he cared.

His hands wrapped around hers as she held her teacup. “Maeve I know I have been awful.” He moved his hands from hers to wipe his eyes. He was having a hard time admitting this. He had been jealous of Alex. “Alex, you love him so much and.” he sighed, “I’m afraid you loved him more than me. I was jealous of his attention. No, not his attention. Your attention. He took all of it and there was nothing left for me.”

As much as Maeve wanted to respond she couldn’t. She looked on as a single tear ran down her face. Maeve tried to fight this control Marius had over her, but she failed.

She wanted to show Hunter how much she still loved him. All the feelings she could muster was a single tear.

Watching her response, Hunter realize just how much he had hurt Maeve. “I’m so sorry my darling. I can’t understand it myself. I was jealous of the love and the connection you and he had. I can see how you look at him and hold him. All that love all that attention I used to have that from you and I miss it. I miss our connection. Please tell me it isn’t too late.

All Maeve could do was grab his hand. She looked at him but she couldn’t speak.

Hunter assumed it was from the shock of whatever happened to her. He hoped he would figure out just what attacked her. He helped her up and into the bathroom where he undressed her and helped her get into some warm pajamas. If there was a fire place in their room, he would have carried her there but instead he carried her to a chair in the living room. “I will get the bed ready and keep the fire going. You are so cold Meave.” He put a blanket over her to keep her warm as he prepared the bed. Hunter put more wood on the fire and grabbed blankets from the bedroom.

Hunter took the cushions off the couch and then pulled the mattress out from it. He laid a warm blanket on the mattress then he picked Meave up from the chair and moved her to the bed. He covered her with a few warm blankets hoping that will keep her warm.

Once he thought the room was warm enough he picked up Alex again and change him.

“Well Alex, you and I have a lot of work to do. Mommy is sick and we have to do a better job of caring for her.” The infant cooed as his father talked to him. It was the first time he has shown Hunter that much attention. Hunter realized this was all his fault and not Alex’s. Alex loved him and as he spoke he realized how much he loved Alex too. Alex listened to everything Hunter said and watched everything he did. Alex’s little hands moved towards Hunter’s mouth as he speaks. “I should have paid more attention to you.” He smiled and laughed as Alex cooed at him.

Meave moaned a little in her sleep. Hunter smiled now knowing what he must do to keep his little family together. “Come on Alex, it’s time for bed. Maybe one day mommy and me can give you a little brother or sister.” He said with a smile.

He laid Alex down and touched his cheek. “Good night little boy. Daddy loves you.”

Hunter went to the bedroom and changed into pajamas. Just then the voice returned.

Maeve opens her eyes and calls out, “Yes master.” She had been fighting the control but hearing his voice was too much for her. Maeve rose from the bed and walked to the door. She was paler than before.

“Open the door my dear and invite me in.” The voice called out.

Meave unlocked the door and opened it. Her eyes never blinking. “Yes Master, come in.”

Marius walked in, “My dear you look so pale. I know what you need.” He has waited a few hours so she would feel weak and then want his blood to survive. He wanted her to feel the need to drink. He wanted her to drink his blood. “Your poor husband has no clue. You are mine now.” He puts his arm out. “Drink my dear for it will help you.”

Maeve was trying to fight but the feeling, the need for blood was growing inside of her. She didn’t even notice the fangs that had come in those few hours. She tried to fight this hunger, “Please my family.” Was all she could muster to say.

“You fool.” He growled, “He cares nothing for you. He cares only for himself. However there is another who loves you and I will use you to control him. Now drink.”

Maeve was so thirsty by that time. She grabbed his arm and sank her fangs into his arm. Her brilliant green eyes faded as darkness filled her soul. As she sucked his blood, she could feel her energy coming back to her. She felt alive which is strange to say since Maeve was far from alive at this point.

She looked at Marius and would have smiled if she could. “Have no fear, I will teach you want all you need to know.”

Hunter came back in from the bedroom, “I took more blankets….” He stopped as he saw Marius. He dropped the blankets on the floor.

Marius hissed at him and then turned to mist and vanished before his eyes.

Hunter didn’t know what to do. He ran to Meave just as she screamed out in pain as the vampire’s venom, now completed, surged through her veins.

She fell to the ground as she screamed as each part of her body felt as if it was on fire. Her veins burned as the venom flowed through. She couldn’t hear anything all she could hear was the sound of her heart beat as it slowed. She looked at Hunter. “I think I’m dying. It’s so cold.”

Hunter picked her up and carried her to bed. He could see how much pain she was in. Her eyes were now black as her body became more rigid with each tremor. He covered her up and called a for an ambulance.

Meave tried to be still. The more she moved the more painful it was. The Emergency medical technicians raced to the house, but it was too late by the time they got there. Maeve was cold to the touch. She had no heartbeat as she stared off. She could see everything going on around her but she could not respond. They took Maeve to the hospital even though those efforts were in vain. Once there she was pronounced to dead and moved to the morgue.

Hunter wasn’t coherent at this point. He did not understand what had happened to her, but he kept thinking back to the figure he saw wondering what it was. He knew though, he knew whatever that thing was caused Maeve’s death.

I opened my eyes, but the was nothing. Where was I? I still felt but not like I did in the past? I was panicking, but I seemed to have more control over it. In my past life I was always anxious. It never made sense. I was scared about everything. Anxious if I was good enough or if someone was mad at me. My heart would race. I felt like I was having a heart attack. It seemed like I would worry about things that made little sense. There was no real reason to worry, but I did.

I punched and tore at what seemed to be a bag. I realized that they must have thought I was dead. “Am I dead?” I felt my skin and checked for a pulse but couldn’t find one. “I must be in the morgue.” I must have been in one of those bags. My old self would have had a fit of claustrophobia. I would have screamed and pounded on the bag. However now none of that was happening. I put my finger at the top of the bag where the zipper meet and pulled it down.

I climbed out of the bag and saw I was still in the pajamas that Hunter had put me in. If anyone worked that night I would have terrified them. I looked around not knowing what time it was or day it was. How long had it been since that night? It seemed so long ago. From what I know of the undead which is what I believe I am now, they weren’t supposed to have any feelings or memories of their former life but I did. I’m not sure why maybe it was because I was a fairy, maybe it was because of the magic that flowed through my veins. Maybe I thought I differed from other undead. Maybe I could still have my family. I went to the closet and saw a lab coat and a pair of sneakers. I grabbed them and put them on hoping to sneak out of the hospital.

I then raced out of the hospital I had grown to love. Many nights and days I spent caring for patients. I raced through the halls and out the door hiding my face from cameras and anyone who was there. Little did I know I was not giving off a reflection so there was no reason to hide from the cameras.

I raced home thinking about the last night I was there. Hunter was so compassionate that night. She was getting her family back, however the response she received from Hunter when she returned was anything but warm.

My Friend

My-Friends-facebook-coverHow do I trust you my friend?

How do I know the things you say are true?

How do I trust you my friend?

How do I know the love we share is true?


Will you have my back?

Will you keep your word?

Will you fight for me, when I’m not around.

Will help me when I fall?

Will lift me up and not tear me down?


How do I trust you my friend?

How do I know the things you say are true?

How do I trust you my friend?

How do I know the love we share is true?


Will I have your back?

Will I keep my word?

Will I fight for you, when you’re not around.

Will I help you when you fall?

Will I lift you up and not tear you down?


How do I trust you my friend?

How do I know the things you say are true?

How do I trust you my friend?

How do I know the love we share is true?


I will have your back!

I will keep my word!

I will fight for you!

I will help you when you fall!

I will lift you up and not tear you down!


And you will know the love we share is true!


Chapter 30 Justin’s magic and coming home

Chapter 30 Justin’s magic and coming home



Justin raced home after leaving Celeste with Hunter. He couldn’t process everything he learned. “Mom?” He called to her as he ran inside.

Cari was pacing in the kitchen. She knew Maeve wouldn’t hurt Justin but she would feel better if he was home.

“Justin!” Cari was holding a cup of coffee in her hand. She had been trying to stay awake as long as she could. As soon as Justin entered the room, Cair dropped the cup and it shattered on the floor. “I was worried about you.” She said as she ran to him.

Justin wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. “It’s ok. She didn’t hurt me. She wouldn’t.”

“I know but I feel better having you here.”

“Mom, she said she couldn’t hurt you, Why is that?”

Cari wasn’t sure if this was true or not. “She thinks I’m pregnant but that’s impossible.”

He looks at her belly and then at Cari. “Are you sure? She has magic.” He stopped when he said magic. He wasn’t sure if Cari knew about it. “Um, well when I say magic…”

Cari smiles, “Justin dont worry I know everything. Well maybe not everything but enough.”

Justin seemed sad. Cari couldn’t understand. How could she? She didn’t have magic but maybe he didn’t either.

Cari took out cookies she made while she was waiting for Justin. She set them on the table and poured Justin a glass of milk. She made another cup of coffee and then sat down at the table with Justin. “I have known and loved you for a long time. So I should know when something is troubling you. Many things have happened and you have a lot to process but I can see there is more. What is it? What is troubling you?”

Justin sat looking at the cookies. “Why am I not special?”

“Special? You’re special. Why would you ever think you’re not?” She reached across the table and squeezed his hand. “Justin, why do you say these things?”

“Maeve she is so powerful. How am I related to her? I can’t do anything. Does everyone have magic but me?”

“Justin, I don’t have magic does that mean I’m not special.”

“I mean my real family.” As soon he realized he shouldn’t have. “I mean biological family. Mom, you know what I mean. I’m sorry. But these are my birth parents, my grandmother. Why am I not like them?”

Cari thought about Justin as a child. He must have done something in his life that could be extraordinary. Maybe he doesn’t know how to use it. “Justin I am not the right person to talk to about this with you. Justin I can’t do any of this stuff. I wouldn’t even know if you had magic. Maybe you do I think you need to talk to your grandparents.”

“Maeve said my dad was coming back but I wish I could talk to my mom. Maeve says I have a brother. Isn’t the amazing.”

“Whoa slow down. A brother?”

“And a sister! Why doesn’t anyone know anything about him?”

“Well, I found about your parents. No one said anything about a brother or sister but,” She squeezed his hand again. “We will find him. I promise I will do everything I can.”

Justin smiles, “I know you will try your best.”

“So you don’t think you have magic. I mean like your parents?”

“I don’t feel like I do. I feel the same as I always have no different. I mean I’m happy I found out more but now I have more questions than before.”

“You said it. I have tons of questions.” She smiled and drank more coffee. “Besides maybe you aren’t old enough.” She knew this would be an awkward topic but one she need to address. “Justin you are only 12 years old. Is it possible that your magic will develop over time? Maybe with puberty.”

Justin blushed, “Oh, I didn’t even think of that. Who would I ask?” He already had this discussion with Luke.

“I know you don’t want to talk about this but you should talk to someone. Luke, why isn’t her here with you?”

He looked ashamed, “I saw him. Maeve only let Celeste go. I’m sorry I tired.” Cari was in tears, “Justin I know you did your best and it’s okay.”

“She wants to help, but she’s not in charge. She has a master. I could tell she wanted to help but did what she could.”

“Then maybe Meave is the one who needs our help. And by helping her we can save Luke.” Cari had a great heart. She always saw the good in people and would always help others.

Justin smiled, “Will you let me help?”

“We need you. You might be the only person Meave will listen to.”

Justin never felt useful before. This was the first time he could help. “I would love to help. But where do we begin?”

“First, we need to learn everything we can about vampires. How can we stop one and then how can we save her?”

“We can start at the library but I don’t know if they would have what we need.”

Cari sighs, “I know but we have to try.” Cari runs her fingers through her raven hair as she thought.

The two put their coats on and head to the library.

Chapter 29 Celeste comes home


Celeste walked home as thoughts races through her mind. “How would Alex feel about all of this? Will he be angry and more important she saw her son? She had some of Maeve’s memories so she didn’t see him but she knew. Celeste knew he was coming back. He was coming home.

She opened the door and called out to Alex. Justin had been following Celeste. He was afraid to leave her alone. If she was weak or hurt from it all he wanted to be there to help. He stood behind her as she entered the house.

No one was home. “I can stay.” He didn’t want to leave his grandmother.

Celeste would have protested this, but she didn’t want to be left alone. “Thank you.”

Alexander came in right behind them. He had so much on his mind. How to save his mom and how to keep Celeste safe. He assume it was another illusion.

He sighed. “I promise, I will figure this out and save you.”

Celeste looks confused as she came into the house, “Aren’t you happy to see me?”

He reached for her face. “If only you were here.”

“But I am.” She took his hand as he reached for her cheek and places it on her face.

As he touched her face he gasped. “Cel!”

She smiles”Yes, I’m real.”

Alexander never cried. However if someone was standing in front of him as Celeste was they could see tears coming to his eyes. He didn’t notice Justin was standing there. He pulled Celeste close and kissed her. As he kissed her he whispered, “I’m so sorry.”

She put her hands on either side of his face, “You have nothing to be sorry for.”

“Oh but I do. After Matthew, I shut down. I shut down on everyone and I know I hurt you most of all.”

“We were both hurting. There is enough blame to go around. He’s coming back!” She said with excitement. “And now we have more things to take care of.” She hugged him. “I love you. Don’t worry or fret.”21462796_10155380692452489_8757555753448346683_n

Chapter 26 Alexander goes to Hunter to talk about Maeve.


The bedroom seemed dark as Alexander slept. He had not slept well since Celeste had gone. He tossed and turned each night, and tonight was no different.

As he opened his eyes he saw her. She looked like and angel sleeping next to him. He touched her skin and kissed her on the check. Alex seemed to have closed himself off after Matthew died. He knew now how awful he had been. He lost his son but so had Celeste. She had to watch Justin grow up without her as he had. Celeste not only lost her son, but she lost her husband. As he touched her face her body went from warm to cold. She felt just like how she had felt at Maeve’s house. Then she vanished.

He had tried to keep things as normal as possible but it was futile. Alex woke from his dream and looked over to where Celeste should be and sighed. He laid back down and looked up at the wall. He missed her warm touch and her smiles. The entire house was cold without her.

The coffee pot still sat in the sink from they day she left. Alex sat at the table looking off imagining she was there. Her warm smile greeting him. The kitchen was bright and alive with activity. She handed him a cup of coffee and his morning paper as she headed back to the kitchen to cook. The smell of her breakfast put a smile to his face. She places plates on the table of pancakes and bacon. She sat next to him and took his hand.

Alone, Alexander sat there with tears in his eyes as the house changed from the warm bright alive feeling to the grey dark depressing morning to which alexander awoke to, “I promise I will fix this.”

Alex got up from the table and walked over to the coat rack. He grabbed his coat and headed out. Several people passed him as he walked. He could feel their stares. They were all wondering where Celeste was and why she wasn’t at work. He knew what they were thinking. They thought she left him. Over the years he became cold and distant. He knew he should treat her better and now it was too late.

He looked down as he walked not making eye contact with any of them. As he walked, he found himself in front of his father’s house.

He stood there looking at the door knowing needed his help. He knocked on the door and breathed in the cool morning air as he stood there waiting.

Hunter opened the door and saw Alexander standing there and sighed, “Well what is it?”

Alexander looked up feeling like coming to him was a mistake. How and why would he ever help her? It pained him to come to him like this and humbled him in a way. “I need your help.”

He laughed, “Do you? I told you. I told you you would need my help.” He turned and walked back into his house as he continued to talk to Alex. “So what did she do this time? I told you she wasn’t the same. But did you listen? No you didn’t. Now what kind of mess are you in.”

Alexander walked in behind him and sat on the couch. He rubbed his face as he spoke. “There has to be a way to save her.”

Hunter turned to him. He looked angry. His nose flared up as the veins on his forehead could now visible. “Save her!” He yelled. “Save her!”

His face was now turning a strange scarlet color. Alexander had not seen his father this irritated in a long time.

Hunter was now pacing in the living room. Hunter imagined steam coming from his ears. “Look I know you miss her.” He said after some time. “Hell, you didn’t even get to have any time with her. But you don’t understand. You don’t know what she was like before. Maeve was amazing, and she is gone.”

Alexander grew angry, “She is my mother! I have to save her.”

“What are you not listening to! Meave is dead! She died!” He trailed off for a moment then he replied, “and then I died too.”

He has never heard his father speak like this before. He never had a good word to say about Maeve and now. Alex was confused.

Hunter sat in a wooden chair across from Alexander. He put his hands on his eyes and cried. He had pushed all this emotions aside for years and now there they were. It kind of surprised him that after all this time, how much he loved her. All of his fears came back. He feared what she turned into. He feared for her soul. Was she damned like the monster that is here now? Most of all his heart was breaking once again as he allowed the love had for her to show. The only one who ever understood him and made him smile was killed and replaced by a monster.

“I loved her. She was all I had. He took her from and killed her. There was no love in her eyes. Her brilliant green eyes are gone. Those black eyes have no soul. Where is my Meave?” He wiped his eyes as the teardrops had created a puddle on the floor.

He stood up and walked to the bathroom without saying a word to his son. As he entered the bathroom he looked in the mirror to see the old man he had become. He punched the mirror making his hand bleed. “It should have been us. We should have aged together.” He punched the mirror another time and then pulled it back and wrapped it with a towel.

He washed his face to trying calm himself. Hunter had showed no one those feelings before.

Alex sat and looked at the floor. Hunter came out trying to gain his composure. “She might look like her but she is not my wife.”

Alex looked up, “But what if she was in there somewhere. What if we could save her soul?”

Hunter’s face was now blotchy from crying. His eyes were red as he fought back more tears.

“I don’t think there is a way. If there was, I would have found it by now.”

The house rumbled and a mist like cloud a appeared before them. Alex never thought his father cared for him. However, the feelings he had hidden for so long coming to the forefront made him jump in front of his son.

Alexander was surprised by this show of emotions by his father.

The midst became more like a shadow and a man formed A man formed from the midst. Neither Alexander nor Hunter had ever seen this man before.

“Pardon me, sorry for the intrusion. Let me introduce myself. My name is Jonathan. I believe we can help each other. Come to some agreement.”

Hunter was angry that this man just appeared in his house. He only ever saw Maeve move in the shadows before. He assumed that the was the vampire that turned her “You, you did this to her. How dare you come here like this? Get out!”

The shadow king was angry. He waved his hand over Alexander and Hunter and transported them to the Shadow Realm.

They looked around for it was on odd place. It was Hunter’s house or so it seemed. Everything was dark. “Where the hell are we?”

“You are in my realm, the shadow realm.” Jonathan laughed.

The house appeared the same, but different. Every thing had a shadow about it. It looked as the world did when you first woke up and couldn’t see. Everything was blurry and grey. At first I couldn’t see anything but then my eyes adjusted. Even though he could see everything was still grey.

“You are in my realm now. So listen and do not speak.” Jonathan commanded.

Just as the men were about to protest, Jonathan moved his hand to his own mouth motioning them to be silent. “I told you not to speak.” He said in a rather calm tone. He knew he was in charge here. This was after all his realm. They had no control over him or anything else here.

Alexander and Hunter both put their hands to their throat in shock. Hunter’s fingers ran over his mouth as he wondered about this mysterious stranger. They both grew irritated.

Alexander had meet no one besides his mother whom could challenge him. Who was this man?

“Oh Alexander, not used to others having the power are we? Well you are in my realm now so get used to it.” He smirked and then moved his hand over both of them men, allowing them to speak.

“Fine, so why are we here?” He asked annoyed but this man. He moved his hands to his mouth realizing that he could now speak.

“To talk, make a deal.” He smiled thinking this would intrigue them. “I believe we have things in common don’t you?”

“How the hell do we have anything in common?” Hunter was growing angry now as they spoke. “What you have magic? Many do, why would it make you special?”

“We are special. Magic is everywhere but people are too stupid to see it. Alas that is not what we have in common.” He smirks, “It’s your mother.”

Alex looked up and became defensive, “What about her?”

Jonathan smiled “You want to save her, don’t you?”

Hunter was not comfortable with this conversation. “There is no saving her.”

Jonathan laughed, “How could you claim to have loved her if you couldn’t and wouldn’t fight for her? How can you claim to love something you won’t die for?”

Alexander saw the conversation was becoming rather heated. He looked at his father and gestured for him to calm down. Hunter was not a calm person unlike Alexander who could remain calm in any situation.

“How the hell do you know how I feel? What do you know of it?” Hunter shouted at him.

“Any man who refused to fights for what he claims to love is no man at all.”

Alexander had heard no one talk to his father that way, well expect for him. No one had ever dared speak to him like that.

Hunter walked up to Jonathan so he was nose to nose with him. He could see the white of his eyes and not only that but the veins within the white. “You seem awfully defensive over another man’s dead wife.”

Jonathan smirked “Dead hmm. Well I guess if she is dead then it won’t matter what I do to her.”

Alexander was fuming now. “He may not care but I sure as hell do. Don’t you dare touch my mother!”

Jonathan nodded to Alexander, “Fear not. I will not hurt her but rather help her. You say you want to save her?”

“I do but why do you? What do you get out of it? Any of this?” He demanded an answer.

“You might find this hard to believe but I love her.”

Both Hunter and Alexander were shocked, “You love her!” Hunter yelled, “How they hell can you say! You love her!”

“Because I do. Unlike you, I fight for what I want.”

Hunter yelled back as spit came from his mouth, “She’s dead!”

Jonathan smiled and was calm as he spoke. “No, she’s not. Imagine, just imagine that you are wrong. Imagine that she is there, listening and feeling. And she knows you wouldn’t fight for her. She knows you didn’t love her. Maybe never did. Imagine that you were wrong. Just imagine.”

Hunter was speechless. A fear grew in him. What if he was wrong? Could he have been hurting her all these years? He turned pale.

“Now about this agreement.” Jonathan walked past Hunter who just stood there almost a shell of a man whose world has just crumbled before him. “You seem to be the only one who cares.” He looks at Alexander.

“And how can you help?” He replied.

“You see magic can do many things. Over the years I have learned many things. One of these magical abilities I have gained is now to break curses.” He smiles “or how to free a soul.”

Alexander was intrigued, “And why would you want to free her? Aren’t you the one controlling her? The one who changed her?”

“Me?” He laughed, “No I am not vampire.”

Hunter looks up, “Well then who the hell are you?” He had thought he was the one who turned her. “Come on out with it. What did you do to her?” He yelled

Jonathan looked at Hunter with a smile on his face, “I am the man who loves her.”

Hunter was reeling. This cannot be. Did she cheat on him? No she wouldn’t have that’s absurd? He was now pacing back and forth as his hands were going through his hair.

Alexander didn’t care that hunter was upset. He was more interested in his mother’s well-being. Maybe if she was freed, then his parents could have a second chance.

“Tell me what we need to do!” Alexander didn’t care what the two men were fighting over, He wanted to save his mother.

Jonathan pulled a wooden stake from his cloak.

Hunter was appalled. “A stake! How the hell is that going to do anything?”

Alexander was also as appalled “You want me to kill her!”

Jonathan reassured them, “No! No you misunderstood me. Yes this is a stake however,” He pulls a vial from his pocket. The vial contained a clear blue liquid. “This is your answer. This substance I created to save her. You must pour it on the stake before you plunge it into her heart. This elixir will allow her soul to be free. It will break her away from his control. Allow her to rest in peace if you will.”

“But then why haven’t you used it already. If you love her so much why haven’t you tried to save her.” Alexander figured he caught Jonathan in a lie.

“Yes, if you claim to love her so much, why come to us.”

Jonathan looked at Hunter. “I did not come to you but your son. He is the only one who can do this. Meave would never agree to Justin doing this. She’s been protecting him for years.”

“Protecting! How is that? Where was she when Matthew and Maurelle died?”

“Please, you know well that Maurelle is not dead. Maeve is the reason Justin was spared. She could only save one. Her master didn’t want her to save any of them but she pleaded with him. Since Jonathan does not care for Maurelle’s father anyway he agreed. She wrapped Justin in some kind of magical womb. And that is why he was spared. The other two, we could not find. Now for the matter at hand. This elixir must be poured on the stake by a blood relative. Matthew is out of the question as is Justin. Which leaves you Alex. You must stake her through the heart.

It was a lot for the two men to process. The memory of the accident coming back to him as if it happened but yet still felt like a dream. A bad dream he couldn’t wake up from. He hoped it was just a dream. What did he mean by the other two? Who was he talking about? He would wake with a cold sweat maybe even scream and Celeste would be there to comfort him, but alas not now. This was not a dream.

After pacing for sometime Alexander looked at Jonathan. “How do you know this will work? And better yet, what is in it for you? Why do you want her to be free? If she is killed, how can that help you. If you love her so much why would you want her dead.”

“Yeah! You speak of love. Did you think I could stake her? As much as I hate this monster, it still looks like her!” Hunter was horrified.

“You fool! Hunter you mean nothing. No one needs you for anything.” Jonathan replied.

Hunter turned and walked away. He didn’t know how much power Alex he had in this realm but he figured this Jonathan had more so he wouldn’t push it. Hunter always had a bad temper. He controlled it over the years. That didn’t mean he was weak but rather wise. So he knew to walk away from this fight. But this fight wasn’t over. Hutner always had a plan.

“Then why are you killing her?” Alex demanded an answer.

“I am not killing her. I am setting her free. Her soul will be free. Isn’t that worth something?”

Alexander and Hunter were not convinced. “It seems like you are keeping something from us. What will happen to her?” They asked.

“Well magic can be tricky. I have not done this before so I am not sure if it will work. It might free her and allow her soul to move on. It might break her connection to her master. It might kill her but if it kills her it will also set her free. It might set her free and allow her to stay with us. I don’t know.”

Alexander wasn’t yet ready to gamble with his mother’s soul.

“There is no other way, unless you have another idea to which I would love to hear.” Jonathan knew the plan would work but not the way Hutner of Alexander expect.

He would have her. She would be free from Marius. Free to love him and free to be his goddess.

“You must give me some time to think about this.” Alexander requested. He could sense that Jonathan wasn’t being honest with him Something wasn’t right. “I believe you are hiding something. You’re not being honest with us. I don’t care about much else, but wanting her soul to be saved.”

Jonathan thought on this for quite some time. He wondered if he could save her and still keep her as his wife. Would she still love him? Love is a funny thing, he thought. If she loved him she had to have light in her heart. Jonathan knew this, and he needed to accept it. Having no light would not work. She wouldn’t love him or be loyal to him. He shook his head, “She still has light in her heart. If she didn’t have light, she wouldn’t have protected Justin. She wouldn’t have protected Celeste for you and she wouldn’t have helped Matthew.” He stopped realizing what he said.

He wanted Alexander to think he let that last part slip, but he didn’t. He wanted Alex to be on his side and what better way to ensure that to happen then to give him hope about his son. He wanted him to believe him.

“What about Matthew!” Alex had enough, “You leave my family alone. You know nothing!” His face was red now as he looked at Jonathan.

Jonathan looked away trying to show compassion which was not his strong suit. He wanted Alexander to believe he was in charge even though he was not. “I’m sorry, I know this is a difficult subject for you. Maeve has worked with Matthew as I believe she has told you.”

Alexander nodded, “She has.”

“Love is a powerful thing., Some will say its weakness but I disagree. I love your mother. She gives me the only light in my life. Without light in my life I could not live in the shadow realm. It might be dark but in order for anyone to survive here they need light.” He lied. The shadow king doesn’t need light. He enjoyed the light that Maeve gave him but he didn’t need it. He had great plans for her.

Alexander reached out and takes the stake and the vial from Jonathan. He looks at them as he holds him in his hands. “If this is the only way, then I will do it.”

“I think this is a mistake. Mark my words Shadow King if Maeve is in there somewhere it is me she loves not you.” Hunter looked at him with a great passion in his eyes.

“You silly fool, Do you think after all this time she would give you a second glance? Listen old man, you lost her the moment she turned. You wouldn’t even look at her. You told her you would always be there for her but as soon as things weren’t perfect any longer, you left.”
“Enough! I don’t care who she loves! I have had enough!” He looks at the stake and the vial in his hands. “Take me back to my world, so I can think.”

Jonathan smiled, he knew he had convinced Alexander. “Well Alexander.” He looked at Hunter and smirked, “May the best man win.” With that he waved his hand, and the two were brought back to their realm.

Chapter 25 Maeve goes to Carillon.



Cari ran to the library, but she was too late. Luke had already gone. She runs into the library and saw Libby at the circulation desk. Cari was almost out of breath as she came up to the desk.

“Have you seen Justin?” Her face was red because she ran all the way to the library.

“Cari, are you all ok?”

She didn’t have time to catch her breath of exchange the normal pleasantries as most had become accustom to hearing from her. “Justin, is he here?”

Libby, was taken back by her brazen attitude. She was not used to it. It was not like Cari to speak in such a way. “Cari, I’m sorry. He left with Luke a while ago.”

Cari turned pale and ran out of the library hoping to see which way they went.

Libby called out after her and followed. “Cari?”

Cari didn’t hear Libby calling her as she ran out of the library, Cari thought she saw Luke so she ran down the street in that direction.

She yelled out to him but the man did not turn around. He headed down an alley.

Cari followed and ran to that alley but as she turned down the same alley Luke was gone. Her heart was racing as she felt cold. The air become freezing. Cari could see her breath. She turned around as she heard or thought she heard or rather felt someone behind her.

Maeve was standing right in front of Cari. “Good evening poppet.”

Cari was startled to see the woman and was confused by her greeting. “Um hello.”

Maeve was quite a sight. She stood before Cari dressed in black. Her face was pale almost white, but it looked even paler in contrast to her bright red hair.

Maeve grabbed Cari’s hand as her dark black eyes were staring into Cari’s fair blue eyes. “Come with me poppet. We have much to discuss.”

Cari was speechless as she tried to pull her arm away. “Who are you?” She would protested more and ask more questions but Maeve’s eyes. Cari couldn’t look away. She forgot everything. All her worried, all her fears were gone.

Maeve didn’t answer her. She held onto Cari as her eyes turned white. “We are going on a little trip.” And with that both Maeve and Cari turned into the same milky midst that took Maeve to town.

The midst drifted out of the alley and down the road. People were walking home from work and other places as the midst past around them. The people watched with confusion as the midst moved into the woods.

The white midst ran through the woods and stopped at an old run down cabin. The midst slides under the doorway and into the living room. A broken dining room table was still laying on the floor.

It formed two figures appeared in from of the broken table. Cari was now terrified. As Maeve let her hand go, she fell to the floor gasping for air.

“What are you?” Cari was shaking. She tried to calm herself and stop herself from shaking to no avail.

Maeve stood before her waiting for Cari to compose herself.

After sometime had past, Maeve spoke. “You and I have much to discuss.

Cari regained her composure stood up to face Maeve. “Who are you? How do we have anything in common?” Cari knew who she was, but not what she wanted. She didn’t know what Maeve’s intentions were however, she wanted to protect Justin? Cari had to be strong. She would not allow her to hurt Justin, no matter what.

“Why ask a question, when you already know the answer. You know well who I am and what I want.”

“Then what do you want this me?” Cari got her bearing and stood up. She needed to be strong for Justin. She relaxed herself. “Yes I know who you are. And you may strong and you might have magic but I will not let you hurt Justin!”

Cari swallowed hard as her heard her heart was pounded. “I have only heard of you. I know nothing of you.”

“Well then allow me to clear things up for you poppet.” She waves her hand over the house so that Cari can see.

The house seems to heal itself but this was only a vision. Cari tried to remain calm. She had seen Mr. Marks use magic, but it was still new to her.

She marveled at the house and how it changed before her eyes.

“This was my home a long time ago. My home with Hunter. You are an acquaintance of his are you not?” Maeve asked.

Cari nodded her head.

“Then you have seen magic before? Do you ever speak or are you as spineless as your husband.” Maeve looked at her wondering what she would do.

Cari looked up at her. She has just been taking it all in until now. “I’ve been listen to you trying to figure out what you want from me or rather us.”

“I want you to tell me that Justin is happy. That you love him and care for him. That if something shall happen to him, I need to know you will do everything you can to protect him.” “Oh course I would.” Cari felt better knowing Maeve was only interested in Justin’s well-being though Cari doesn’t agree with how she went about it.

She was determined to make sure that Carillon would protect Justin. “Now I must test you. I need to know what you would to. What you will do.”

“Um test. What kind of tests?” She felt more comfortable and therefore will stand up to Maeve “How can you say you care? Where were you all those years? You were not there in the beginning. When he was left. He was cold and alone. He was a blessing to us. We could never have kids of your own and here he was our little blessing. Now you want to check on him. Why? Why now? Where were you all that time and you question me and my family!” Cari was surprised by herself.

Maeve smiled “Good, I was hoping you had spunk in you.” Now you may leave. Maeve waves her hand and Cari was back in front of the library as if she never left.

The Voice


The voice in the back of my head

It tells me that I’m not good enough

It tells me that I’m not smart enough

It’s the sweating of my palms

It’s the tightening of my heart

It’s the fear of failing

It’s the fear of trying

The voice in the back of my head

It tells me that I’m not pretty enough

It tells me that I’m not cool enough

It’s the fear of rejection

It’s the fear of defeat

The voice in the back of my head

I tell it to be quiet

I tell it that I am good enough

and smart  and pretty

I am good enough