Nathan Masen-McCray (Indie Writer)

How we met?

I really enjoy reading works from other indie writers. Here is one that I have read. I met Nathan on Facebook. We were in the same Role Play group. And for those of you who do not know, written Role play is a wonderful way to develop stories with other writers. Sometimes when I have writer’s block, I Role Play something different than the story I am writing and get my thoughts going. Well, I met Nathan in a Role play group many years ago. At that time, I only had one book out, Birth After Miscarriage, but I was working on novels and so was Nathan.

The intro to his first story:

Welcome to my very first story. I’ll admit that this isn’t the most
traditional way to write a novel, which is why I wanted to
explain the reason I wrote it this way.
I’ve tried to write a book in an old-fashioned manner
by using complicated words people usually skip over
instead of taking the time to pronounce.
This way, on the other hand, was so much easier for me.
And from beta readers, I’ve been told it is easier to
understand. The words don’t exactly have to be
extravagant, making the story so convoluted (hard to
follow.) I can focus on moving the story along because
I can visualize it like my own little movie.
I hope my writing style helps you, the reader (and potential
fan), understand and visualize the story as it is intended.
Thank you and enjoy!!
~ Nathan Masen-McCray

If you are interested in more:

Here is his website:

Masen Shayfold has always wanted to live in a world filled with magic and fairy tales, especially his personal favorite, Sleeping Beauty.
In a small New England town, on a search to find his birth parents, Masen finds a hidden haven filled with magic and classic characters from various legends and fairy tales. He finally gets exactly what he’s always wished for when he discovers that his birth mother is the origin of his favorite tale.
Masen finally has everything he’s always wanted; family, a chance to create life, and the promise of True Love. . . But he and Braeghn are embarking on a journey that neither of them is prepared for. Braeghn’s never known how to be the dependable one because no one has ever put him in the position to do so. Now, both of them must depend on one another and prepare themselves for the joys of mother—and father—hood. However, looming shadows of doubt and fear are seeking to destroy everything in their future.

Can Braeghn defeat the shadows of his dark past, or will it destroy his chance at happiness? Is Masen fully capable to take care of this child alone if Braeghn can’t step up? Is their love strong enough to keep them together, or will everything fall apart?
For the first time ever, readers of The Enchanted Saga can own the first two chapters of Masen’s happy beginning. This edition, volume one of The Enchanted Saga, collects the first two books in the series—Enchanted: A Happy Beginning & Wonderstruck: An Enchanted Sequel—as well as a special prequel story titled Disenchanted!
Before I ever wanted to become an author, I wrote poems. I was very young and was going through a very emotional time in my life. I lived in very rough living situations, was in the closet about my sexuality, and had no outlet for the conflicting things I was feeling. It wasn’t until my 10th grade English teacher, Ms. Crowe, assigned my class to write poems… that I found my outlet. It was only a matter of time before I diverged from the assigned poems we had to write, to writing my own poems filled with love, pain, and inspiration. Now, for the first time in nine years, I have decided to share my raw poetry with everyone, directly from the pages of the original composition journal! I hope these poems allow you to understand what I have been through and how it has made me the warrior I am today!

Check out Nancy’s latest book:
Ramblings of a Chaotic Mind and The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Maeve
This is a collection of poems, thoughts, short stories, and art. I hope you enjoy them.

Ramblings of a Chaotic Mind-

The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Maeve
The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Matthew
The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Justin
The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Maurelle
The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Annabelle (Coming Soon)
The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Marius (Coming Soon)

The Creed of the Chronauts-

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My husband Surprised Me

My husband surprised me one night when I was feeling really stressed and not good enough. He wrote
me a poem, and anyone who knows me knows that I love poetry. I in turn wrote one for him.

art artistic blank page book
Photo by Pixabay on
 I want you to know (From My husband to me)

I want you to know
I will always be here
Through good times
And the bad ones too
I will stand with you
I will love you
Until the end of my days
I want you to know
There is nothing in this world
That can change how I feel
How special you are
How lucky i feel to have you in my life
I want you to know.
Just how amazing you are
How much love you have in your heart
How talented you are
I want you to know
I love you babe
And this is the poem I wrote for him. (This is not the first one I wrote for him, but it made me feel so loved that he wrote one for me.

Poem about Shawn

I want you to know
How creative you are.
How forgiving you are
How patient you are

I look at you and I see
All the goodness that God has placed in you
Nothing in this life will ever take me from you.
I will be with you in the good times and the bad

I want you to know
How understanding
how compassionate, 
and how loyal you are

I want you to know
How lucky I am to have found you
How blessed I am that you are in my life. 

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New Poetry Book Cover

This is the new cover for the latest poetry book that I am working on now. I am hoping to have it done by this April so it can be out for National Poetry Month. 

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Promoting Other Writers

I would like to start promoting other indie writers and any writers who really want a free promo on my blog. It just might take a while to get to everyone. If you have a book published, send me the blurb about it and the link with some promotional photos.

I can take them as comments, but you can also e-mail me at

I will be promoting on WordPress, Ello, and my own Facebook page.

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I look at you, and I see Penny.
I hug you and imagine it’s her.
I know this is wrong, but I miss her so much.
I know she would want me to love another dog.
I know she wants me to adopt more and love more.
It’s not fair to you to compare you to her.  
My Penny is gone and my Harper is here. 
I am sorry my dear, I love you too.
Saying goodbye is always so hard.

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Ramblings of a Chaotic Mind (NEW BOOK)

Ramblings of a Chaotic Mind
This is a collection of poems, thoughts, short stories, and art. I hope you enjoy them.

Many of my poems might be dark and depressing, but writing is how I cope with things life throws at us. When I’m frustrated, hurt, and sad, I write. It helps me cope with my feelings though not every poem will fit this description most of them will.

I write on a slew of subjects; motherhood, family, miscarriage, children, raising children and many more. Sometimes moms get into a competition of who’s the better mother or who has the best kids, whose job is hard, and that mindset helps no one. I promise to be as real as I can, hoping the things that have challenged me can help someone else.

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Women Need to Support Other Women

Women rarely support each other.  It is hard to find women that support each other.  

When I was in school, kids bullied me.  My mom was the sick mom with cancer and we didn’t have a lot of money, My clothes were old and torn. Since then I had low self-esteem.

I found later that writing was something I loved. And when I found Roleplay,  I made friends fast, and I didn’t believe it. Someone told me I was their best friend, and I took a long time to believe it. Because who wants me as a best friend?

When it comes to Role Play, it seems a lot of women think they must be the center of attention.  In a role play, you can be anyone you want to be. I find people change who they are and use fake profiles because they are not happy with themselves.

Role Play is best when you let people be creative. We’ve had some awesome plots that were not created by admins. My friend Breen created two plots that were amazing. I know will blush if she reads this but its true. 

Women should be supporting each other and encouraging each other. We should take a step back and allow others to have the spotlight on them.

Of course, this goes beyond writing and role-playing and into everything we do. Women need to support each other and lift each other up instead of tearing each other down.

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Always Alone

woman looking at sea while sitting on beach
Photo by Pixabay on
As much as I give, I lose.
As much as I care, they don’t.

How do you know how important you are?
Do I think more of you than you think of me?
I am hopeless and alone, always and forever

As much as I help, it’s never enough.
As much as I love, I hurt.

I am not important and never have been.
To those I care about, they care little for me.
I am hopeless and alone, always and forever.

I am the one who gets tossed aside, forgotten each time.
A new thing comes along.

Check out her new book:

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You’re in My Seat


Photo by Karl Fredrickson on Unsplash

I had an interesting experience at church last week and it reminded me of these two stories I have heard pastors use for their sermons.

In the first story, a man is visiting a church. This man sat in a pew and a lady came up to him and said, “I’m sorry, but you are sitting in my pew.” This man got up and moved to another pew. Again, a man came up to him and said, “You’re sitting in my pew.” This happened several times before the man left the church. I have heard this story told by pastors with the message of welcoming new members.

There is another version of this story where the man sitting in everyone’s pew was a homeless man who smelled and wore torn clothes. At the end of this story, he came to the front of the church and said, “You asked me to move because I was sitting in your pew. I have sat in your pew and have died for your sins.” The man was Jesus. The Bible says giving to those in need is giving to Jesus. We should embrace people in need and welcome them.

When I went to church last weekend with my children, I had a similar experience. I drove into the parking lot and saw an open parking space. I drove in and parked, while a car came up next to mine and rolled down the window. A middle-aged woman was in the driver’s seat, so I assumed she needed directions or something.

So I asked, “Can I help you with anything?” What came next surprised both me and my children. She said, “It’s my parking spot. We only have six spots, so you need to move.”

I looked at her, confused for a moment, then I realized she was attending the church next to mine. So I replied, “Well, it’s a good thing I am not coming here to visit your church because I will never come back.” I then drove off and parked my car elsewhere.

The woman pulled out of the spot she was in and moved her car closer to her church. My kids caught this and said, “So she just pulled in next to you to tell you to move your car. Jesus will not like that.” And my kids are correct. What if someone was planning on visiting this church or someone thinking about becoming a Christian? That person may never want to visit another church or become a Christian if Christians treat others this way. My daughter said, “I guess that’s why they only have 6 parking spots; no one wants to go to their church. I love our church. Everyone is nice and friendly.”

People expect Christians to be perfect, but we are far from perfect. Sometimes it takes compassion and common sense. This woman didn’t have either. She taught my children a lesson. She taught them to always welcome others because they know what it feels to not be welcome. It might be a small thing, but for someone searching for a church or someone searching for God, it’s a big thing.

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