Acceptance is the Key

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I worry too much,
About how others see me.
I worry too much,
About whether they like me or not. 
I worry too much,
About what others think.

Why does it matter so much to me?

I say,
It doesn’t bother me.
I put,
On a brave face.
But the truth it,
It does bother me.

I want to move on from these thoughts.
I want to rid myself of the idea,
That everyone has to like me. 

No matter what I say or do, acceptance is the key.
Acceptance of who I am and that I am worthy.

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I Lost

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I lost
People I thought I would have forever.
I lost
Chats and talks I thought I would always have.
I lost
Though how do I get it all back, and do I even want it all back?
Socially impaired.
No idea how to make or keep friends.
Socially Impaired. 
With the world so busy, and my mind so confused.
Socially impaired. 
In this world of confusion. 

How do you move an acquaintance to a friend or a friend to a good friend? 
How does one keep friends and how does one make friends?
I lost a sense of myself and my own desires. 
I lost the nuances and gestures that help others to figure this out. 

I was lost, but now I am found. 
I Found
Strength in myself that I will have forever. 
I found 
Chats and talks I will have forever. 
I found
I love that will not quit and I never have to wonder where it went.

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Cover Ideas for a Poetry Book

Okay so here are some new options for my poetry book. I still have more poems to write, so it won’t be published for a bit, but I wanted to get the cover done.

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How Long Do You Wait?

Photo by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash

How Long Do You Wait?

How long do you wait?

The agonizing silence.

The dread and dismay you feel as you wonder what went wrong.

The gloom and desperation you feel as you reach out to nothing. 

How long do you wait?

The harrowing silence. 

Dejection and grief you feel as you wonder what went wrong.

The sadness and heartache you feel as you reach out to nothing. 

The silence rings in your ears as you feel nothing. 

You reach out and grasp but it is only figments of what was. 

New Poetry Book: Ramblings of the Heart

My poetry book is finally out! Ramblings of the Heart!

My Little Baby


I sit here looking through old photos, toys, and memories.

I look at you as you grew, and I think,

Where did my baby go?

My little girl, so grown up with a mind of her own.

I miss the days of snuggles and rocking you to sleep. 

I miss your giggles and your nonsense words.

I can’t stop you from growing, 

and I can’t stop you from getting hurt,

but mommy will be here no matter what.

Loving you and snuggling you,

just like I did when you were my little baby. 

You will always be my little baby girl.

Everything Ends

Everything must come to an end.

No matter how much work has been done.

No matter how much time has been given.

Everything must come to an end.

Sadness envelopes me as it ends.

A chapter of my life, which has gotten me through so many challenging times.

All of my work is gone in an instant.

Friendships, stories, development gone.

Where do we go from here, and how do I overcome this crushing defeat?

All things end, but I wish they didn’t have to.

Always Alone


Photo by Keenan Constance on Unsplash 


I look at you, and I see Penny.

I hug you and imagine it’s her.

I know this is wrong, but I miss her so much.

I know she would want me to love another dog.

I know she wants me to adopt more and love more.

It’s not fair to you to compare you to her.  

My Penny is gone and my Harper is here. 

I am sorry my dear, I love you too.

Saying goodbye is always so hard.

Good Friends

Photo by Aritfur Rahman on Unsplash

Good Friends

What do you want from a good friend?

What do you expect from a good friend?

A friend should always have your back.

A friend should stand by you and support you.

However, a good friend will support you,

They will also tell you when you are wrong. 

They call you out and give you advice, 

Even if it’s not what you want to hear.

Good friends should be treasured.

Good friends are hard to find.

Don’t be angry with them for telling you the truth.

Be thankful for they are the only ones who truly care.