About Nancy Ann Creed

Nancy Ann Creed is a writer, teacher, poet, and mother. She enjoys reading interesting stories and writing poetry, paranormal fiction, and sci-fi.   

Nancy received her undergraduate degree from Asbury University and attended Stockton University for graduate school, where she majored in special education, history, and English.  

She currently lives in NJ with her family where she writes and teaches.  

Nancy has always had stories in her head but felt writing an entire book was too overwhelming and feared she would not be good at it or be able to finish writing one. It wasn’t until she experienced the tremendous loss of a miscarriage that she began to write as it helped her overcome one of the darkest moments of her life. Nancy wanted to help other women going through this awful experience.  

Now with newly added coincidence, Nancy started writing paranormal fiction, poetry as well as science fiction. She had many books out now and more to write.  

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