Van and The Christmas Tree

My son wanted to be in charge of taking our tree down and wanted me to videotape it. Enjoy!

Part 1

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Part 2

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Original Characters

When I write, I use a template to create characters for my story, the same way Role players create characters. I sometimes practice a character I have in mind within a role play or a fandom.

Here is one of the templates I use and one of the characters I created.

Name –


Age –

Supernatural Origin –

Gender –

Nationality –

Parents –

Skin –

Hair –

Eyes –

Height –

Weight –

Power Set/Skill set:


Name: Reselda

Race half Kryptonian and half faye

Age 16

Height 55

Weight  135

Eye color blue

Hair color blue

Parents: Her father is from Kryptonian, Dynn (unknown house) and her mother, Forsythia Greenthorn is a member of the Faye. 

Powers: Faye: Flight, healing, in tune with nature (plants and animals), control over two elements (Water and weather.) Some magic which she will investigate as it develops. 

Kryptonian: Flight, Speed, strength, and Holographic Projection, force field generation,  


Reselda and her parents traveled a lot during her early years. Her father, Dynn fled Krypton when he was a boy. His parents were able to send him away so he would not be there when the planet was destroyed. Dynn was young then and didn’t know what house he was from or remembered his parents’ names. 

Dynn landed on the planet of Faye. There he grew and fell in love with Forsythia. They had a daughter named Reselda which means healer. Healing was an important art to Faye, and they hoped Reselda would one day train as a healer.  

Apocalypse appeared in the sky one day and destroyed the series of moons that orbited the planet. This caused worldwide destruction and catastrophic events. Dynn and Forsythia fled to Earth where Dynn knew other Kyptonians were living. 

One there, they lived in peace for a time, but her father learned his powers were increasingly being close to the yellow sun. He helped other heroes defend the world. He wanted to defend his new home and protect it so Reselda would have a future here like he never had. 

Reselda also developed powers, though she was also learning her Faye powers at the same time. 

Just like he did on the planet Faye, Apocalypse appeared in the sky, obliterating Earth’s moon and causing planet wide catastrophes. Lord Apocalypse’s armies of Parademons followed soon after, laying siege to every major city center around the world. Earth’s heroes and villains and their godly allies fell one by one to Lord Apocalypse’s invasion. Knowing the end was near when they failed to stop Apocalypse from finding the Anti-life equation, Kal-El and Diana made plans with Micheal Holt, to send their son and a handful of other children of heroes to another earth.

As Lord Apocalypse uttered the Anti-Life equation, ending the existence of Earth-676 reality, Micheal Holt cast the children into the multiverse.

 Reselda woke in the woods, she was alone, scared and cold.At a young age she was captured by Striker and forced to be part of his Program.  As she is powerful, some will probably think she is a threat. She will learn her powers and how to control them over time. She is young so some of her powers are still developing and can and will cause her issues. 

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Thank You For a Wonderful Year

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This is the last post I will make in 2021 and what an amazing year it has been. When I was in elementary school, our school librarian asked us to write a paper about what we want to be when we grow up. I said I want to be a writer, but how do I write a paper about that? (I was only 7 or 8 years old.) She said how can you ever be a writer if you can’t write this.

So it crushed my dreams and took me a long time to get back to writing. Maybe things have changed since I was a student, but even so, you should always encourage your students. This was a promise I made to myself when I became a teacher. Your words are powerful. Always encourage your students!

Years later, I had a miscarriage, and I used writing to help me cope with my loss. I then made it into a book with the goal of helping others who have gone through the same thing. Then I started to role play, which opened me to more creative writing. 

Several years ago, I published my first book on Amazon’s KDP. Looking back on it now, I realize how naïve I was. I had a lot more work to do. In recent years, I have found an editor and a publisher. I am hoping this year to have my first book officially published as I continue to write and bring back the joy I had when I was a child. 

Thank you for your support this year. I hope next year will be even better. 

Nancy Ann is a writer, teacher, poet, and mother. She enjoys reading interesting stories and writing poetry, paranormal fiction, and sci-fi.  

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United Role-Players, Writers, Artists, and Friends

We are a role play, writers resource group. For anyone who loves reading and those who love writing. Poetry/fiction/nonfiction/ and anything else you want. Promote your own books, blogs, role plays, and more. Artists and writers are all welcome! We are also a place to escape, role play, and enjoy ourselves. No reason to worry about being active or your RP style. We wanted to make this group for those who want to make friends and for those who want to RP. And help each other become better role players and writers. Share your links, practice in Roleplay, and have fun. ALL QUESTIONS WHEN YOU REQUEST TO JOIN!!!

We are rated M for mature posts that may contain graphic violence, strong language, implied nudity and or sex, alcohol, and or drug use. We do not allow Smut or ERP! We are 18 Plus, please do not try to sneak in or add people who are underage. 

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Life is Too Short

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Life is too Short

Don’t hold grudges. Don’t waste time.
Life is too short and unpredictable. 
Don’t hold grudges. Don’t waste time.

Life is too short, to hold on to childish things. 
Love like it is your last day.
Love and you will never be wrong. 
Don’t worry about trivial things. 

Don’t worry about who should say sorry.
Don’t worry, just love.

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Seasons change,  
There is no stopping the change.  
I thought my life would follow this path.  
but now another path appears.   

A new dream emerges,  
from the ashes of the old.  
Shattered at first,  
but now reborn.  

A better dream,  
A Dream of hope.  
A dream of love.  
A dream of a family.  

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Seventy Times Seventy

You push me away,  
And keep me at bay.  
Over and over again,  
The same old song plays. 

Seventy times seventy.  
That's what they say.  
Forgive and move on,  
Until a new dawn.  
You push me away  

But I pray every day.  
I know your heart  
You're dying inside.  

Seventy times seventy  
That's what they say.  
Forgive and move on  
Until a new dawn.   

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Underwater, no escape.  
Two halves not connected.  
A tunnel with no way out. 
We should be together,  
But alas, we are apart.  
Life pushes you down,  
But we will rise up.  

We will swim to the surface.  
We will be connected.  
We will see the light.  

Our family will be made whole.  

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas. I know this is supposed to be a happy time, but if it isn’t for you, please reach out. It’s the season to be jolly, but sometimes it is not that jolly for many. My pm is always open if you ever need to talk.