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A Ton of Bricks


I am learning a lesson which I never wanted to learn

It hit me like a sack of bricks.

Breaking my heart as it pounds.

When people wrong others,

They will wrong you too,

know they won’t change.

I always wanted to believe people can change for the good.

I wanted to believe there was good in all people.

I wanted to believe the apologizes.

I wanted to believe the vows of friendship.

All lies.

I had something they wanted,

so for that time, I was their friend,

or what they think a friend is

When I have nothing to offer but my friendship,

they were gone.

And I am left broken hearted

and cursing myself for trusting them.

Feeling myself crumble under the bricks

Tears are all dried up now

It hit me like a ton of bricks

I never saw it coming.

Hold on?

Hold on tight, no matter how lousy you feel

Cry if you want, but don’t give up.

It burns and your miserable but you keep fighting


Hold on tight, but no one cares

Scream out loud, but no one cheers

It scorches your soul but you keep fighting


Rotten and moldy, frail and rancid,

but why do you still hold on?

Why do you hold on to rotten dreams,

Broken promises, and lies of devotion


Let go of those rats, the tricksters, and deceivers

Take charge of your life, move on and be happy

Turn away from those who wish you harm,

They seek to damage and berate you.


Take charge of your life, hold on to those

Who are true and just, pure, and honorable

Hold onto tight to those who cheer you on

No matter the costs, they will be there

Hold on tight to those lift you up who you to succeed


Hold on to them, and let go of the rest.   


Do we expect too much?

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I wrote this poem a while ago, but it still rings true. What do you expect from your friends and are we expecting too much? Do you give your friends what you expect from them?  I am asking myself these same questions.



Was it all a lie?
The things you said
And the things you did?

Wasted phone calls and texts
Wasted tears, wasted time

Vulnerable, trusting, naïve
Sensitive, exposed, defenseless
Heartache, bitterness, and sadness

Trust no one
Shall I live my life with distrust
Self-doubt and uncertainty

How do you overcome when
All I knew was deception.

Hide myself and block out the world
Rise above and let in the world

How to do you let in the world?
And let in more lies, hate, and deceit.

Hold onto to what you know,
What did you know?

When friendship was a lie

Red Balloon

Most people who know me, know that I am afraid of clowns. Of course, this leads to them saying things like, “They all float down here,” or “Hey Georgie!”  And one of my favorites, red balloons popping up all over the place. As anyone who has seen the movie IT or read the book will know Pennywise most times has a red balloon or there is a red balloon shows up when he is near.

One of my middle school students gave me a Christmas present.