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This is me about 7 years ago. I had just started to write again. Looking back now I see the great journey I started here. No I am not published yet but I have two books finished and one I am about to finish. I never thought I would come this far when I started writing again 7 years ago.

Where do I begin?  That is the big question.  I have been sitting at my computer for a while now, trying to figure this out.  There are so many things I can say and want to say. I am just so excited to be writing again.  I guess I will start at the beginning. I want to become a better writer and writing a blog can help me get there.

The more you write the better you get, and the more you let others read your work the more feedback you receive.  I have to learn to take criticism, and then take what I have learned from it, and improve my writing. I wrote a book last year about my miscarriage and the birth of my daughter.  My husband just read the book and had criticisms. After swallowing my pride, and realizing that he is right, I edited my book. I hope to have another version or edition to upload sometime this year.

I love writing!  As I write more, I learn new things and better ways to say what I am thinking.

I was reading a blog that one of my friends wrote and I said to myself that I could do that. I followed her format and used the same website she used.

I have also read more.  By reading some of the world’s best authors, I can become better. I started with one of the best and one of my favorites, Tolkien.  It had been a long time since I read The Hobbit, but still a wonderful story.  I have been looking through my bookshelf pulling out books I want to read.  I hope I can find time for them all.

Now the only thing left to do is to keep myself accountable.  I need to write and read daily. I am not saying I will post something every day but I should work on it every day.  If you follow this blog, please keep me accountable. If you don’t see a post at least each week, please yell at me.  I have these great ideas, but sometimes I lack on the follow through. Till next time when I will post something more interesting.  I promise.


Update:  I have been writing everyday for the past 7 years. Still not published but I hope you enjoy the stories that I have made and the posts.  If you are interested in reading more, please check out my wattpad account.




My Thoughts While Pregnant with Vance


These are thoughts I had when I was pregnant with my son Vance.


December 14, 2010 at 4:14pm

Yesterday I felt like my water was breaking.  I called my doctor, and they told me to come to the hospital. I am 34 weeks pregnant with my second child and I had a c-section with my first one.  While at the hospital they hooked me up to monitors and saw I was having contractions. They later gave me an IV of fluids and did several tests. They decided that I had a UTI and gave me a prescription.  However, they also noticed that my baby’s heartbeat had dropped at several places. The hospital does not do ultrasounds at night so I was sent home.  My doctor has scheduled me for an ultrasound for tonight. I am worried.  Why would I have contractions? I didn’t feel them, just uncomfortable. Could the cord be bugging the baby? Could he be pulling on it or could it be around his neck? My husband thinks they would not have sent me home if there was something wrong, but I thought they just didn’t want to worry me.

A hospital that doesn’t do ultrasounds? I mean they made me wait until the next day. And I didn’t have an appointment until that night.


The ultrasound tech said everything was good.  Baby looked good, he is about 6 pounds, and everything was good.  He only mentioned that there was enough amniotic fluid and that it was on the high side, but I got a call from the doctor today saying that there was too much fluid.  So I am not sure what this means. She said he has too big of a swimming pool. Therefore, I am going for blood work tomorrow to test my blood sugar levels and they are sending me to fetal maternal medicine.  Therefore, I panicked again but then when they call with my appointment they say January 5! What! If it was that important why wait? Keep in mind this was December 16th. I have a regular appointment tomorrow so maybe I can learn more but I have never heard of having too much fluid.

Update:  Vance is now 7 years old. The fluid didn’t seem to be much of an issue. Vance has some behavioral issues he takes concerta for but that seems to be something that most people in his family have and nothing related to the amount of fluid postpartum.


I wanted to give updates in case others have the same or similar questions.


Vaginal after C-section or a C-section

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I wrote this back in 2011. I had a c-section with my first child and I was

trying to decide what was the best alternative for the birth of my second child.

My husband and I are trying to decide what we should do.  He seems okay

with leaving the decision up to me but I am not sure what I want to do. Though

I would have like to decide together it seems more like he didn’t care.

I know that there are dangers with C-sections or a cesarean section

and with VACS (vaginal after C-section); I had a c-section with my

daughter in October 2009, and now I am due Jan. 24 2011.

I know that they are close and I am not sure if this affects the decision or not.

My doctor told me that if I want to have more kids, than I should do I VACS,

but she also said I could have 3 C-sections.  I know people how have had 3 or

even 4. I am just not sure if I can put my baby’s life in danger so I can have the

chance to have more kids. I am not even sure which is better. I want to know

what is healthier for my baby.  Any suggestions?

A c-section is scheduled.  This will help with husband’s job and with the

logistics of my cousin watching Zelda.  I won’t be in labor as I was with

Zelda and even then, I had to have a c-section. This time they cannot induce

me as they did with Zelda.  I will get more time off work and I have been told

that you heal faster with the second c-section than you did with the first.

There are risks with a c-section because it is still a surgery, but if scheduled

I could choose my doctor and everything will be ready, unlike an emergency

c-section.  If I have a C-section, I can only have C-sections after that.


My son Vance just turned 7 years old and we did have a c-section for him.

It was the right choice. At birth he was bigger than Zelda so he would have

been a c-section anyway and if we went ahead with trying to have a Vaginal


The most serious risk of a trial of labor is that a C-section scar could

come open during labor.  This is very rare. But when it does happen,

it can be very serious for both the mother and the baby. Yes they say it is rare,

however I have talked to a few people who it has happened to and knowing

the size Van was at birth I would not be surprised if it would have happened to us.




I took my cat to the humane society

to get fix yesterday morning. He cried the entire way there.

I felt so bad because I had to leave him there and pick him

on the next morning. The kids were distraught asking where he

was and why he needed surgery.  They couldn’t understand why

I didn’t want kittens or why it’s important to spay and neuter cats and dogs.

Either way, I still felt awful leaving him there. I wondered what was going

through his mind. Wondering if we were coming back or did we abandon him.

We received “Kwazii” when my neighbor decided they didn’t want their kitten anymore.

Possible because he was growing up and wasn’t cute any longer.

Yes, Kwazii as in the Octonauts.  My four-year-old is obsessed with them.

So I had this fear that he would think someone else was abandoning him.

Needless to say, he was very happy to see us this morning and very happy to be home.

Follow me on my Other Blog

I must admit I let this blog go.  I am just figuring out things with it and I didn’t even know you could have followers. I promise to update at least every two days.. I hope you like the changes I made to The blog and the color scheme. I get bored with the same color and photos all the time and need to try something new.

I don’t know how people can write a blog on only one topic. I have so many ideas racing through my brain.  I hope you enjoy!





The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Matthew (Book 2) Chapter 22 The Fire


Maurelle could control his wings after the year of training. She studied everyday and read. She practiced with her family, learning the language of the faye, learning to write it and read it. She worked night day. After a year, Maurelle was ready. She could read the spell books and practice the spells.

It was a beautiful day, Maurelle was outside playing on the swings A bright smile came across her face as she played. She could go outside since she could hid her wings. She could be like everyone else. However, she didn’t want to stay out too long. She had more things to study.

As the sun went down, so did the temperatures. Maurelle ran inside and into the warmth of the kitchen as her mother was cooking dinner. “It smells great mom.” Maurelle said as she came into the house. Her relationship with her mom had improved over the past few years. Libby has helped Maurelle as she studied. Libby was much calmer than she had been. She knew Maurelle could control her powers now and hid her wings. No longer did she fear that Maurelle would flood the town when she cried or run away to look for her father. She knew better now. She could hide her wings now, so Maurelle’s smile was bright as she could now go outside.

Maurelle went into the diner room and set the table for diner. While setting the table she saw two men walking around outside. She went over to the window to watch them, but she couldn’t see what they were doing. “Mommy, who are they?” But by the time she called to her the house was already filling with smoke. Before long flames were crawling up the walls.

Maurelle was crawling on the floor. She knew smoke rose, so she was trying to keep as low as possible and crawl out. The smoke was too much for her as she coughed and collapse on the floor.

The front door burst open as a man can in and ran over to her. He picked her almost lifeless body up and carried her outside. Another man was standing over them. He knelt down next to them and took a water bottle out of his bag. He waved his hand over Maurelle and at the moment she awoke and coughed. “Here sweetheart drink some water.” The older man said to her as the younger man cradled the little girl in his arms.

“What’s your name?” The younger man asked.

She coughed as she said, “Maurelle.” Then she took the water bottle from the older man and drank some. “Thank you.” She said as she handed it back to him. She thought it was stupid to tell him her real name as these two might be the same men who started the fire. What if they were my father’s men sent to take me?

“Don’t worry. We won’t hurt you.” The younger man said as he could tell she was scared for Maurelle was shaking.

The younger man looked at the older one who was his father, he whispered, “Is this the real Maurelle?” Was this his wife? How was she so young? He was so confused? Did they go into the past? Matthew and his father had been walking in town when a hole opened and they fell through. When they came through on the other side, it seemed to be the past. The town looked strange, and it wasn’t until they saw Maurelle that they realized what had happened.