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The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Maeve

I am looking for anyone who can read and give me feed back. Let me know what you think, what I can correct and if there are parts that need more clarification.  I thank you in advance.

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The Marks’ family is cursed. Cursed and living a life controlled by the shadows and It all began with Maeve. Poor sweet innocent Maeve was transformed from a loving mother into a creature of the night. The Shadow King has been playing with her and her family. Does he love her or is Maeve just another pawn in his schemes. Will her family fight for her or leave her? Will she fight to get back to them or succumb to the shadows?



The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Maeve is free in Inkitt.

The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Maeve is free in Inkitt. Please read and let me know what you think. Any feedback will help me improve the story. Any writers out there? We can exchange reviews.

Read and vote if you like it and let me know what you think.

The Marks’ family is cursed. Cursed and living a life controlled by the shadows and It all began with Maeve. Poor sweet innocent Maeve was transformed from a loving mother into a creature of the night. The Shadow King has been playing with her and her family. Does he love her or is Maeve just another pawn in his schemes. Will her family fight for her or leave her? Will she fight to get back to them or succumb to the shadows?


The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Maeve   



thumbnail_Shadow Realm Chronicles Maeve





Tap Tap, splash, splash, plop, plop

As you walk the puddles splash up getting your pants wet

Despite this, the sounds are smoothing

Tap Tap, splash, splash, plop, plop


Tap Tap, splash, splash, plop, plop

The cold sinking into your clothes as

It sends shivers down your spine

Tap Tap, splash, splash, plop, plop


Tap Tap, splash, splash, plop, plop

Your lips turned blue, the rain thickens

now running down your forehead and into your eyes.

You blink as you wipe your eyes

Tap Tap, splash, splash, plop, plop


Tap Tap, splash, splash, plop, plop

As you return home, the warmth hits you.

A blanket wraps around you as you sit and listen

To the tap tap of the rain on the roof.

Tap Tap, splash, splash, plop, plop




Trust No One



This is a poem about losing a friend. Sometimes we grieve a friend we lost but sometimes we grieve the friendship that was never there. It makes it difficult for us to open up again but we need to be open. If we are not, then we lose the chance of making a real friend. 

No one to trust

Nowhere to go

I roam the streets looking

For help, for trust, for someone

To believe me and take me in

My heart is empty and hurt

From the pain of losing you

Losing what I thought was

Trust, hope and a friend

Naïve and stupid, now I trust no one

Are they all lies?


The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Matthew (Book 2) Chapter 37 Matthew Confesses to Maurelle


Maurelle knew she had a connection to Shawn, but she didn’t know why until now. It was comforting to know why they had this connection. She looked at Matthew who was ready to leave. “Please don’t leave.” She pleaded with him.

“Maurelle, I have to protect you and Shawn.”

“Shawn, I wish I had memories of him.” She said.

“You will. I’ll see to it. Just know I love you and I would die for you.”

She realized just how much he loved her. “You did. The Shadow Realm. Oh, Matty.” She smiles as tears of joy, of guilt and of love ran down her face. She was astonished by his deeds. He sold himself to this darkness to come back to them. “You did it all to protect us. To get back to us.”

“You and Shawn are the most important people in my life. That why I have to go now. I have to complete my plans of everything I did would be for nothing.”

She tried to smile but she couldn’t. Her lips quivered. “I love you. I just found you. I don’t want to lose you again.”

He sighed. He didn’t want to leave either. He turned and walked into the kitchen. Maurelle was not dark enough and before he could stay here full time she needed to be dark. The longer he stayed with her the more darkness came into his heart.

She followed behind him wondering what he was thinking.

Matthew made coffee. He went through the motions as he thought of a way to make her darker. He still held the heart she gave him in his pocket but that wouldn’t do anything. The necklace. Yes the Necklace from the depths of the ocean.

He looked at Maurelle, “I don’t think you will agree with the things I’ve done or the things I have yet to do.”

“But I’ve been to The Shadow Realm. I know what it can do. Matthew please let me help you.” She took his hands as he was waiting for his coffee. “I don’t remember what I was like before but I can tell you I am not the same. I to have darkness.”

He knew she did, but he acted surprised. She may have darkness but not enough. “You, how could you have any darkness?” He watched her as his mouth watered. Any tale of darkness made him excited. He couldn’t wait to hear about Maurelle’s darkness.

Maurelle however was ashamed unlike Matthew. “I would rather not say. It’s awful.”

He smiled, “Well I hope you can tell me one day. Never be ashamed Mar. Everything you did you did to survive. Just like I did. You and I are the same.”

She forced a smile. She tried to forget the things she did. Everything about her father she tried to forget, but she suspected he was the reason she couldn’t remember her past. Her father has made her life horrible. “Maybe you’re right.”

“I know I am.” She sighed. “I guess I can stay here, but I need time to work.”

She smiles, “Matthew, we’re family and family sticks together. No matter what.”

He touched her face softy hoping that she will remember that one day. “Yes we do.” He poured her a cup of coffee. “I won’t stay away long.” He knew the years she spent with her father had darkened her soul but not enough. He need her to be darker. He kept saying this to himself wondering how he would do it. “You are my queen. Maurelle you are the Queen of the Shadow Realm now.”

Something inside of her lit up inside of her. As if a seed had grown a feeling of warmth from the love she felt for him but also fear.

Matthew saw the look in her eyes. He smiled. “I’ll call you when I’m on my way back.” He knew Shawn would come to see her, but he also knew Shawn wouldn’t want to see him. Not now anyway.

Maurelle gave him the same look of confusion as she gave Justin when he said he would call her. “I don’t know what you mean.”

Matthew laughed, “Oh right. I guess you forgot what that is.” He waves his hand on the table and a cell phone appears. He sits next to her with him coffee and teaches her how to use it. “This way I can call you and it will give Shawn enough time to leave.” He wanted Shawn to come to Maurelle. He needed them to be connected. “I told you I did things you wouldn’t like.” He sighed as he looked at her. “Shawn will have dreams. I need him to know what I did in the Shadow Realm. I want you and him by my side.”

Maurelle was terrified for Shawn. “What did you do?” She loved Matthew but right now she was more concerned for her son.

“I gave him dreams. He will have nightmares of my tasks and all the things I did in the Shadow Realm.” He knew she didn’t like this. He could tell by the despair on her face. He got up to leave. “Just press my name on the phone to call me. I put a spell up on the house to keep it at about 70 degrees.” He looked back at her. “I know you can’t take the cold. I love you my fairy.”

Maurelle got up and hugged him. “I love you to.”

After he left, Maurelle sat in the kitchen thinking. She was in a pensive mood. What was she to do? How was she to protect her son from his own father, a man she loved?



The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Matthew (Book 2) Chapter 36 Darkness Destroys


As he laid next to Maurelle thoughts of doubt came through his mind. He knew Maurelle’s father was still out there. He wanted to make his own parents pay for what they did. Maurelle slept peacefully next to him with her hand resting on his chest.

The more she snuggled next to him the more light came into his heart. He jumped out of bed as he felt it. He knew with more light he wouldn’t be able to do what needed to be done. How could he keep Shawn and Maurelle and still do these things? He paced in the room thinking and brooding over these plans.

Maurelle sat up in bed watching him. “What’s wrong?” She asked as she was worried she upset him but even more concerned for all he was going through.

He said with little emotion, “You’re a distraction.”

Maurelle was not expecting that and was rather annoyed by it. “I’m a what?”

He sat on the bed next to her and sighed as he explained. “You are keeping me from doing what I need to do.” He grabbed her arms and pulled him close to her. “I can’t be happy! Not now! I have to focus. You have too much light. You give me too much light.” He was now holding her tight as gripe hurt her. His eyes turned red, and the sky rumpled as dark clouds rolled in.

“Get off of me!” The windows shattered as did all the lights in the house. Maurelle glared at him as winds came through the window knocking Matthew down. Maurelle stood over him. “I didn’t ask for any of this.” She flicked her hand, and she was dressed in that instance. “Have fun looking for your wife.” Then she walked out of the room.

Matthew smiles as he loves how angry Maruelle could get. “Oh but I found her.” He said as he watched her leave. She sat for a second and then ran after her. He grabbed her arm just as she was about to open the door to leave. “Maurelle please, you don’t understand.”

Her face was now red as she was still angry. “Don’t touch me.”

“I’m sorry. It’s just.” He sighed. “My plan won’t work like this.”

“I don’t care bout your plans. Even if I am your wife and Shawn is my son. I would never allow anyone to speak to me that way.” The spot on her arms where he held her earlier bruised. “And I will never let you hurt me of Shawn. I would never let you touch him.”

Matthew smiled. He loved how protective she as of Shawn, but he saw her arms and felt bad for what he had done. He backed away from her. “I’m sorry.” He moved his hand over her arms as the bruises vanished. “I am sorry for everything. I want to give you and Shawn the world”

She knew the Shadow Realm had taken its toll on him. She saw glimpses of his loving side but the darkness kept creeping in. The hatred, the self doubt, the worry all of that crept in.

“I have a plan, but I need this darkness to accomplish it. I need this magic, this power.” He admitted to her.

“Can’t you just be happy? We can talk to Shawn. We can be a family.” She reached for his hand this time and held him close. “Matthew, I love you.”

“My dear, you’re not dark enough, but that will change. Trust me. Stay her this is our home and know I love you.”

There were tears in her eyes as she loved him but she saw how much darkness he had. “How much has it changed you? Mathew you need help. Abandoned this plan.”

“I can’t.” He pulled her into a hug. “We can have everything.”

Maurelle sighed, “But I just want you and Shawn.”

He kissed her on the forehead. “I’m sorry Maurelle. I will make them pay.”

She wasn’t sure who he meant. “Make who pay?”

“I will give you and Shawn a wonderful life.”

“Matt, we can have one. You need not do this. She tried pleading with him again but nothing seemed to work.

He pulled her into a kiss and moaned as he kissed her. “I love you. Just remember that.” He changed back into his hidden form. His red skin faded as his muscles and his horn shrank until they were gone.

“Stay here.” He said but this time he was gentle and calm. “I’ll stay with my parents.” He hated this plan. His parents house made him sick to his stomach.

Maurelle was confused. “You’re leaving me?”

He laughed as she touched her face and caressed her hair. “Never. I just found you and I am never letting go. Maurelle, all of this I am doing for us. Our family. I need to be focused. When I’m here with you all I want to do is spend time with you.”

“And why is that a bad thing?” She said in a flirty tone.

“As much as I love being with you, I have a lot of work to do to ensure our future.” Matthew knew he needed her on his side. He needed to convince her that she was his wife. She had to stop questioning this. “I have to protect you from your father. All of us need protecting from Julian.”

Maurelle gasped. “You know my father?” The realization came to her. It was all true. She places her hand on the wall as if to hold herself up. “It’s all true isn’t it.” As the shock wore off her face it was replaced with a smile. “He’s my son? He really is my son?”

“He is.” he placed his hands around her waist. “And I am your husband.”

She kissed him and as she did she spoke. “Please then stay here with me.”