Blog on Books (Up and Down the Ladder) by Talia Flanzraich

I would like to start promoting other indie writers and any writers who really want a free promo on my blog. It just might take a while to get to everyone. If you have a book published, send me the blurb about it and the link with some promotional photos. I can take them as comments, but you can also e-mail me at I will be promoting on WordPress, Ello, and my own Facebook page.

So, the first book I am promoting is a poetry book that I read a few months ago. Go check it out! It is a quick and easy read but many of the poems resonated with me as a mom with autistic children. This book was written by a woman with autism. Many of the things she writes about I can relate to, and I can see my daughter relating to.

Up And Down The Ladder by Talia Flanzraich

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