Frustrated Indie Writer

Frustrated Indie Writer

I am what you call an indie writer which means I publish my own books. I tried to work with a publisher, but it did not go well. I learned a lot from working with them, and from writing over the years. 

Now I am writing the last book in my series the Shadow Realm Chronicles and still I do not know how to market the book. It worries me sometimes that I have put all this energy into this project and because of that no one will read it. I recently got a review that was not the best and it made me think. Do I really know how to write? Are my books just crap? I know all writers have people who don’t like their books, and everyone has their own taste, but man that killed me. 

I found that when I write, I am less stressed. So that act of writing keeps me grounded and focused. When I am not writing, for any reason, I am more stressed and irritable. 

I also like being creative. My books series, I think is fun. It is the story about a family that is cursed and through generations they try and overcome this darkness. 

Book 1 The Shadow Realm Chronicles Maeve

Welcome to the Shadow Realm!

Many years ago, darkness tore apart the worlds. They called it the Great War, for it was massive and involved all the realms of all the worlds, save one. Enemies on either side grew their armies for battle with heavy casualties. New allies formed out of this bloodshed while old ones crumbled. The Great War might be over, but another one looms in the distance, and it all begins with a lonely mother named Maeve.

Maeve once was a loving mother and wife, but darkness transforms her into a creature of the night. The Vampire Lord Marius attacked her and turned into a vampire. Her husband, Hunter, fled with her infant son, fearing the monster she would become. Now she is a pawn being used by Marius and The Shadow King who wants to make her his dark Queen. How can she get back to her son and the family she left behind? Will she succumb to the darkness or fight for her son? Will she ever be able to forgive Hunter for leaving her to the mercy of Marius and the Shadow King?

Travel to the Shadow Realm, hear spellbinding tales, meet magical creatures, and join Maeve in the quest to save her soul.

Book 2 The Shadow Realm Chronicles Matthew

Return to the Shadow Realm!

Matthew, Maeve’s grandson, is the prisoner of the Shadow King. Killed by the King of the Faye, Matthew must fight to get back to his family and reunite all those he had lost. Can he, do it? Or will he allow darkness to enter his soul? Will Maeve intervene and save him? Will his wife ever forgive him for the dark things he must do, and will his son ever accept him? How far would you go to save your family?

Can Matthew overcome the darkness and return to his family or succumb to the darkness and become The New Shadow King? Travel to the Shadow Realm, hear spellbinding tales, meet magical creatures, and join Matthew as he fights for his family.

Book 3 The Shadow Realm Chronicles Justin

Journey with Justin as he learns about the magical world.

Take a journey in time, back before Maeve and Matthew returned, back to the time when Justin first met Lily and Nancy, back to when Justin did not know he was a magical being. Take a journey with Justin and his friends as they learn who they are, how they are connected, and what powers they have. Can they sense the darkness? How can a group of kids help prevent this impending doom and darkness?

Travel to the Shadow Realm, meet vampires, witches, and werewolves. Learn about the merpeople and the Faye. Help Justin and his friends learn who they are in this magical world filled with danger, darkness, and love.

Book 4 The Shadow Realm Chronicles Maurelle

Will Maurelle ever be able to forgive Matthew and herself? The search for Maurelle’s kids starts now!

For a young fairy named Maurelle life was wonderful. She was a princess, and she loved her family. But Maurelle did not understand the ways of the world and the darkness that dwelt in her father and others. But as she grew, that darkness became a reality not only for herself but her husband Matthew.

Will she find the courage to rebuild her family, to forgive her husband, and will she ever be able to forgive herself? If she can’t forgive herself, how will she ever be able to face her father and find her children?

Book 5 The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Annabelle (Coming soon)

Book 6 The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Carillon (Coming Soon)

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Thrice by Andrew D. Meredith

Thrice by Andrew D. Meredith

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I heard about this book in a writing group I am in. The author was in it at one point, and he shared his book. I decided to read one indie book a month this year as I myself am an indie writer. I did not expect much from this book, but it was amazing. The way the other describes things and how the story captivated me, were intriguing. It kept me wanting to figure out who Leaf was and how and why he waws in Jovan’s care.

I highly recommend this book. I listened to it on audible and I was impressed. The author read the book and at first when I saw that I did not expect much, but the book sounded like it was done at a professional studio. I need to figure out how to do that.

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To All Of The Indie Writers — ShannonRobeck

Photo by Pixabay. We are told  We must find our own rhythm, our own style  All the while shops are lined with the same products  The same style, and so we are told  If you want it to be sold  It must be like  Everything else

To All Of The Indie Writers — ShannonRobeck

Free Monster Erotica Book — Silvanna Snow

Free Monster Erotica book! This is an erotic novel intended for adult audiences. What should you expect from this book? Sex, smut and lots of it. I hope you enjoy it! There is something strange going on in the village of Wellspring. There were many small villages through the lands, and most were subjected to […]

Free Monster Erotica Book — Silvanna Snow

The Lady of the Lake — Silvanna Snow

This is an erotic novel intended for adult audiences. What should you expect from this book? Sex, smut and lots of it. I hope you enjoy it! The small remote village of Caidhreamh Collai is home to some of the most amazing and awe-inspiring views nature can offer. Nestled between two mountains, the village is […]

The Lady of the Lake — Silvanna Snow

Nathan Masen-McCray (Indie Writer)

How we met?

I really enjoy reading works from other indie writers. Here is one that I have read. I met Nathan on Facebook. We were in the same Role Play group. And for those of you who do not know, written Role play is a wonderful way to develop stories with other writers. Sometimes when I have writer’s block, I Role Play something different than the story I am writing and get my thoughts going. Well, I met Nathan in a Role play group many years ago. At that time, I only had one book out, Birth After Miscarriage, but I was working on novels and so was Nathan.

The intro to his first story:

Welcome to my very first story. I’ll admit that this isn’t the most
traditional way to write a novel, which is why I wanted to
explain the reason I wrote it this way.
I’ve tried to write a book in an old-fashioned manner
by using complicated words people usually skip over
instead of taking the time to pronounce.
This way, on the other hand, was so much easier for me.
And from beta readers, I’ve been told it is easier to
understand. The words don’t exactly have to be
extravagant, making the story so convoluted (hard to
follow.) I can focus on moving the story along because
I can visualize it like my own little movie.
I hope my writing style helps you, the reader (and potential
fan), understand and visualize the story as it is intended.
Thank you and enjoy!!
~ Nathan Masen-McCray

If you are interested in more:

Here is his website:

Masen Shayfold has always wanted to live in a world filled with magic and fairy tales, especially his personal favorite, Sleeping Beauty.
In a small New England town, on a search to find his birth parents, Masen finds a hidden haven filled with magic and classic characters from various legends and fairy tales. He finally gets exactly what he’s always wished for when he discovers that his birth mother is the origin of his favorite tale.
Masen finally has everything he’s always wanted; family, a chance to create life, and the promise of True Love. . . But he and Braeghn are embarking on a journey that neither of them is prepared for. Braeghn’s never known how to be the dependable one because no one has ever put him in the position to do so. Now, both of them must depend on one another and prepare themselves for the joys of mother—and father—hood. However, looming shadows of doubt and fear are seeking to destroy everything in their future.

Can Braeghn defeat the shadows of his dark past, or will it destroy his chance at happiness? Is Masen fully capable to take care of this child alone if Braeghn can’t step up? Is their love strong enough to keep them together, or will everything fall apart?
For the first time ever, readers of The Enchanted Saga can own the first two chapters of Masen’s happy beginning. This edition, volume one of The Enchanted Saga, collects the first two books in the series—Enchanted: A Happy Beginning & Wonderstruck: An Enchanted Sequel—as well as a special prequel story titled Disenchanted!
Before I ever wanted to become an author, I wrote poems. I was very young and was going through a very emotional time in my life. I lived in very rough living situations, was in the closet about my sexuality, and had no outlet for the conflicting things I was feeling. It wasn’t until my 10th grade English teacher, Ms. Crowe, assigned my class to write poems… that I found my outlet. It was only a matter of time before I diverged from the assigned poems we had to write, to writing my own poems filled with love, pain, and inspiration. Now, for the first time in nine years, I have decided to share my raw poetry with everyone, directly from the pages of the original composition journal! I hope these poems allow you to understand what I have been through and how it has made me the warrior I am today!

Check out Nancy’s latest book:
Ramblings of a Chaotic Mind and The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Maeve
This is a collection of poems, thoughts, short stories, and art. I hope you enjoy them.

Ramblings of a Chaotic Mind-

The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Maeve
The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Matthew
The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Justin
The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Maurelle
The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Annabelle (Coming Soon)
The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Marius (Coming Soon)

The Creed of the Chronauts-

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#beliefs #friends #lossing

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Joharra Harper 

I really enjoy reading works from other indie writers. Here is one that I have read. I met Joharra Harper
on Wattpad several years ago. I read one of her stories and then joined a writing group she was running. If anyone is interested, I will leave the link for the group.  

She had several books out right now and one due out on Halloween.  I think it’s important for indie writers to support each other. 

Jasmine Perez Series

A story where a Princess finds out she’s the Chosen One & has to use her magic to defeat a Sorceress & save her Kingdom, & every Realm in existence.
Book 1:…/dp/B09GJPL
Book 2:…/dp/B09GJHMZW8/ref=sr_1_2
Book 3:…/dp/B09GJKM8SD/ref=sr_1_4

The Curses’s Light

(These are my favorites of all the books she has written.)
A story where a girl is the only one that knows her town is cursed, and has to use her light magic, with the help of a new friend, to save her town from a man trying to become immortal and fulfill her prophecy. 

Book 1:
Book 2:

Here is her Amazon author’s page. Check it out for new books and her new book coming out on Halloween.
Here next book is called the Realm of Monsters

Discord: (Writers Unite!)

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Free Book — Silvanna Snow

FREE BOOK What are the secrets of the women of SilverSprings? There is something strange going on in the village of Wellspring. There were many small villages through the lands, and most were subjected to raids from various other kingdoms and roaming bands of bandits. There were reports of villages being burnt, the men and […]

Free Book — Silvanna Snow

Blog on Books (Up and Down the Ladder) by Talia Flanzraich

I would like to start promoting other indie writers and any writers who really want a free promo on my blog. It just might take a while to get to everyone. If you have a book published, send me the blurb about it and the link with some promotional photos. I can take them as comments, but you can also e-mail me at I will be promoting on WordPress, Ello, and my own Facebook page.

So, the first book I am promoting is a poetry book that I read a few months ago. Go check it out! It is a quick and easy read but many of the poems resonated with me as a mom with autistic children. This book was written by a woman with autism. Many of the things she writes about I can relate to, and I can see my daughter relating to.

Up And Down The Ladder by Talia Flanzraich

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