Good Friends

Photo by Aritfur Rahman on Unsplash

Good Friends

What do you want from a good friend?

What do you expect from a good friend?

A friend should always have your back.

A friend should stand by you and support you.

However, a good friend will support you,

They will also tell you when you are wrong. 

They call you out and give you advice, 

Even if it’s not what you want to hear.

Good friends should be treasured.

Good friends are hard to find.

Don’t be angry with them for telling you the truth.

Be thankful for they are the only ones who truly care.

Scream and Yell

Photo by Louis Smith on Unsplash

Some might say I’m mean.

Some might say I’m loud.

People will say anything to hurt you.

They will make you question who you are,

And what you stand for.

They say you’re the mean one.

You might be loud and yell.

You might scream and curse,

But sometimes you need to.

You need to yell, scream, fight!

You need to be loud!

They may think you are being mean, but who cares!

When people are bullied, tormented, and wronged.

You have to stand up!

You have to give them a voice when they have none.

You have to yell, scream, and fight!

You have to stand up!

You have to give them a voice when they have none.

One Night

Photo by Aliyah Jamous on Unsplash

One night, two people.

Calling me names, blasting me to others.

Some say it doesn’t matter.

I should forget it and move on.

It’s their loss and blah blah blah…


Why does it hurt so badly if all these other people say it shouldn’t.

Why am I the target? Am I weak?

Why is it so hard to walk away? Why do I want to keep talking?

And why do I get so angry? Why am I so hurt?

Each Morning

Photo by Rachel Cook on Unsplash

Each morning the sun comes up.

A new blessing to the world.

Each day, a new beginning.

A joyous day to start a new

New promises, a chance to change.

Be a better person.

Make a difference in your life.

Make a difference in someone else’s life. 

Each morning the sun comes up.

A new blessing to the world.

You are the star shining bright.

Bring this light into the world.

It Hurts Like Hell

Photo by Claudia Soraya on Unsplash

It’s imperative to know how important you are.

Many people think they are important, they put themselves on pedestals.

You think you can count on certain people, but in the end, you can’t.

Sometimes the harsh reality hits you, and you realize how insignificant you are.

Or that you don’t matter to the people who matter to you.

The people you thought you can count on, the people that can count on you.

That foundation you built, comes falling down.

It’s important to know where you stand, but….

It hurts like hell… It hurts like hell.


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

I am the one that everyone forgets.

They say they don’t, but they do.

They say we missed you

But they don’t talk to me.

As soon as I come in, everything stops.

Am I a killjoy?

Do they just say they miss me because that’s what they are supposed to say?

How do you know someone is genuine? 

Because I just feel completely useless and forgotten.

And if I didn’t talk to them for weeks on end, it won’t matter.

I’m an outsider watching them.

I’m a loser sitting by myself.

And I don’t know what to do.

A Drift

Photo by David Romualdo on Unsplash

Lost in a drift.

Out to sea.

On my own.

It’s where I am meant to be.

I float aimlessly,

On my own.

Lost in a world,

A shadow over all.

People look on,

They wave as I float on.

But no one stops to pull,

Me from the water.

I drift on.

Some will say

The water is only,

In my mind.

Some will swear they called.

Out to me.

But in the end.

All is silent.

Dungeons and Dragons and Everything Nice

Dungeons and Dice and Everything Nice and the home of Creed Elite Wrestling!!!!

We are a streaming service that offers interviews with writers, poets, artists, and many more. Come, follow us and watch as we play video games while we interview. I will be playing World of Warcraft most of the time, but we will also be looking into other games. If you have suggestions please let us know.

If you want to be interviewed, please email me at with the subject name Dungeons and Dice and Everything Nice.

Some events I am working on, Writing Sprints, Poetry reads, Interviews, Video games (suggestions please). We are working on a wrestling league a CPU league. More information to come on this event at a later date.

And Then There’s Me

Photo by Paul Garaizar on Unsplash

And then there’s me. 

Watching all of you. 

And I am left on the side looking on. 

With no one. 

Is the way others feel when they are left out.

We want to belong so badly and then troubled when we are not. 

Does the jealousy grow or just the feeling and fear of being forgotten?


Jealous of their happiness but you don’t want to be forgotten.

You watch the connections growing and you know they are not growing with you.

You pray that they would but you kid yourself.

You want it more and more but you can’t keep up.

You feel you are a failure and you just don’t know what to do.

You want to be this person but in truth you are not.

You have this picture of yourself in your head but it is not really you.

I want to be the kind of person people come to when they need help.

The person who doesn’t get mad but I see everyone leaving me behind.

I am not that person; I am jealous I get angry.

I wish I had the connections you have but I don’t.

I want to scream please, Don’t Forget Me but you do, anyway.

What the point of saying anything when I say it you push me away more.

Because I have already forgotten. 

Why do I speak?

Photo by Johannes Krupinski on Unsplash

Why do I speak?

Why do I speak up when my words hurt others?

Is it better to be meek and quiet and stay away?

Is it better to just let things go and move on?

All I want to do right now is hide, but the pain is too much.

I hide but then in that hiding there is so much pain.

I don’t want to hide but I can’t deal. 

I can’t handle the arguments and rejection

So I pull myself away and hide though I cry. 

When I speak, I am loud and brash. 

I say what I mean.

When I speak people become upset. They lash out of they lash out on themselves

Blaming themselves instead of fixing what’s wrong. 

Then turning it on me once again and I hide.

Should I face them, what good will come of that.

Facing someone leads to more problems but the problems I have are within me and not you.

I can only take so much before I speak. I can only be so quiet before I say something. 

And it’s in that saying something that these issues come out.

Nothing is fixed, it’s only me and me alone who has the issues. 

All else falls to the side as I hide.