Help For a Friend

This is from a friend who is in need.
Hello, my name is Tyler Conner. It’s taken me a while to come to this decision to create a GoFundMe account but I’m currently in desperate need due to all the health issues I’ve been dealing with over the past 2 years. I had a botched spinal fusion surgery last April and ended up losing all feeling in my left leg because of it. After ambulating on a cane for a year my right knee also became damaged. I recently had a second spinal surgery on May 26th of 2022 and just underwent an ACL reconstruction surgery June 15th to try and fix the damage. I have been out of work since April 2nd of 2022 and although my tax return has covered my bills since then the next few months will be rough on me and my family until I can get healed up and back to work. I do everything I can to keep a roof over my 2 young children’s heads as well as making sure the bills are always paid. I just need help now. I wasn’t eligible for short term or long-term disability with my job due to not being employed for 12+ months and I don’t qualify for social security disability due to not enough credits.

Check out his go-fund me.

Life Changer

Remember you are just a number.
No matter how much you give, you are just a number
No matter how much time you give, you are just a number. 

Remember it is not about others. 
It is about the impact you make. 
It is about the lives you change

You might just be a number to them, 
But you are a life changer to others. 

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Here is some artwork for my children’s book series.

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Photo by Bryan Garces on Unsplash
The time I put in was meaningless.
Talking to them, listening to them, letting them cry to me.
Listening to them cry, complain as any friend would do.

Do you change who you are?
Not be a good friend to others?
No, of course not. 

Those who chose to replace a friend like me,
Lose in the end.
Those who chose to replace a friend like me,
Lose the person who will do anything for them.
Lose the one who would stand up for you.
Lose the person who checks on you.
Lost the person who cares about you.

Their loss and another person’s gain. 


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Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

I have been holding onto this news for some time but now that most know about it, I can share it. We are moving to Evansville, Indiana. I will be leaving Creative Achievement Academy this week and starting to teach at Henderson Middle School sometime in July. While I will miss all of my students and co-workers, I am really excited to start this new chapter in my life. I will be teaching special education but this time I will be a math resource room teacher and an inclusion teacher. The idea is I help the math teacher and then I go over the lesson with my students in our resource room. Of course, I am nervous but I was nervous starting at Atlantic County Special services and I was nervous starting at Creative Achievement.

When my husband and I split, we lost the house. I couldn’t afford it on my own. I know my kids were sad because they had to give up their backyard and I felt like a failure.  When the kids saw the house and the backyard their faces lit up. I felt like a failure for so long because I could not give them their backyard and the popup pool they had in the past. I almost cried when we saw the house.

One of the main reasons for the move is to be closer to family but also things are so much cheaper over there then they are in NJ. My pay is comparable to what I am making now and our house is much less than this tiny apartment that I am renting.

So here it to a new chapter in my life!

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Things Done For Good

Photo by Zohre Nemati on Unsplash
Sometimes nothing you do works.
Sometimes you try your best.
Sometimes it’s better not to say anything.
Sometimes you feel like crap.

Things done for good, are always good.
Things done to help others are still good.
Things are not always what they seem
A good deed can still be a good deed.
Hold your head up high.

You help someone, but it's not enough.
You help someone, but they say you don’t care. 
You help someone, but they say you don't give enough.

Do you stop helping? 
Close yourself off?
 Change who you are?
Or keep going?

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When is Enough, Enough?

When is enough, enough?
When do you give up?

How long do you wait and try to fix something you never knew was broken?
How do you go on knowing there is a problem and not knowing how to fix it?

What do you do when you don’t know what’s wrong?
What do you do when they won’t tell you what’s wrong?

The anger, the frustration, the self-doubt grows, it never fades away.
The disbelief, the distrust, the longing for answers, never goes away.

What did I do wrong? Where did I go wrong?
So many leave, but is it all because of me?

How many should we have in our lives?
Is it just the progress of life?
People coming and going in and out?

Am I the only one affected by this?
Am I the only one who cries for those who have left?
Is there anyone left to cry for me?

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Kids Book Covers

I write a kids book series, but I am not sure which one we will go with for this one.

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As a writer, you live and learn.
Great lessons are learned as you self publish
and then get published and so on.
I just wish I was in my 20s living and learning and not in my 40s.

Check out Nancy’s latest book:
Ramblings of a Chaotic Mind and The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Maeve
This is a collection of poems, thoughts, short stories, and art. I hope you enjoy them.

Ramblings of a Chaotic Mind

The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Maeve

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What’s Wrong With Me?

grayscale portrait of woman
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It is my life, to be the person no one notices.
The person they forget. 
Before you know it you realize,
They were never your friends.

It seems like when you think things are okay, 
They truly are not.
How can you trust anyone,
When everyone is lying.

What have I done wrong?
What is wrong with me?

Do I push people away?
Am I not a good friend?
Do I deserve to be alone?

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