Our Friendship is Over You Say?

Our friendship is over you say?

You claim foul,

But yet you pushed me away.

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Look in the Mirror

There you are waiting for the fallout,

Sitting at home waiting for the drama to insure.

Are people crying or hurting or talking about me?

Again and again the same old story,

But no one cares.

No one cares because you’ve done it so many times.

I wish you well but the pain you have caused others is too much to bear.

You push us away but want use to wallow in self-pity.

Pushing us aside,

So many times I don’t care!

I don’t care what you think anymore!

We are not friends, and probably never were.

You made people cry and question themselves!

That is not what freindship is about.

Sitting at home wondering where we are and who we are talking to,

But guess what we don’t care!

You did it so many times, that is doesn’t phase us anymore.

What I used to cry over, the tears have all dried up.

No more compassion for someone like you

You want to be gone from our lives,

Then be gone for those are your choices not ours.

You are a coward and you don’t care what you do to others.

No one needs a friend like that in their life.

Look in the mirror and see why no one is talking to you.

Look in the mirror and see you are all alone.

Look in the mirror and see the villain you are.

You did this to yourself no one did this to you.

Be the one with no friends

For this is the last time I waste a breath on you.

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Purple Pen


The Purple Pen (4)

Wishing You Were Here

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Photo by Vladislav Muslakov on Unsplash



I wake in the evening hoping you are there.

The days apart are so long.

To feel your embrace, and feel your love.


Though the days and nights are long.

Your voice calms my soul.

Somethings are worth waiting for.

Some people are worth the wait. 


Each morning to hear your voice

Wishing you were here.

Wishing our lives were one. 

You Still Love Me!

I can tell you everything,

All that’s on my heart.

You can see me cry, and hear me laugh.

You see my flaws and my faults


And somehow still

You love me. 


I can tell you everything,

All that’s on my heart

You see me mad, and you hear me scream.

You see my errors and you see my pain.

And somehow still

You love me.


I can be myself

As odd as I am

As kooky and bizarre as I am.

And you love it all the same. 


That’s what love is supposed to look like. 

The Slithering Snake

The slithering snake speaks with a forked tongue

The slithering snake speaks with a forked tongue.

He says one thing and means another.

Double dealers, liars, and thieves are no friends of mine.

Treacherous, venomous, deceptive and belligerent.

How can you call someone a friend when all you do is lie?

Cut the snake out of your life.

Move on and never look back.

Why would I want a venomous snake in my life?

Who says one thing and does another.

The slithering snake speaks with a forked tongue.

He says one thing and means another.

Double dealers, liars, and thieves are no friends of mine.

Treacherous, venomous, deceptive and belligerent.

I see the snake for who he is

Never again will I let the snake in.

The Little Turtle


The Little Turtle

A Turtle hatches as it makes it away 

Out of the sand.

No one is there, they have all left.

Running to the sea to begin their lives.


The turtle looks back at the empty nest.

Should I stay? The turtle asks.

Safe and secure.

Or make my way to the shore?


Will they be there waiting for me?

Waiting in the water?

Or will they all be gone, and 

I will be alone again.


Safe and secure for how long?

Or go to the shore,

Where uncertainty lies?


Will I be alone again. Floating endlessly in

The sea of despair.


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The Universal Protection Agency

Here is a quick look at a new story I am writing. I hope you like it.

Chapter 1

Nessie had been trying to hack the computers to get information to the new crew. It’s a daunting task, but they had to know.  What if they know and they are working with them? Nessie knew of one other changeling on board but she didn’t know how to get information to her.

She stayed onboard watching them. Nessie transformed into a rat, so she can move around the ship and watch everyone. She knew Kon was the leader, but she didn’t know if she can trust him. Is he working for them? If not, and the company finds out they will kill us both. 

She scurried to his quarters and laid in wait for him. She knew she could talk to him as a rat but will he believed her. I have to show him. How can I show him? She went to the computer and being a rat she couldn’t hack into it, but she could eat through the wires and disable his cameras.

Then she waited in the corner, in the shadows as the rat.

The doors to Kon’s quarters slide open and he steps in smelling the acrid scent of the burnt wires. He sniffs the air, “It must the computer?” He searches for the source of the smell. “Something chewed through the wires, hmm.” He says out loud. 

As soon as the cameras went out in his quarters, it triggers a silent alarm. A figure sits in front of the computer screen where a flashing red light shows the cameras in the captain’s room are not working.   “Nessie is back,” the figure said. “Switching to secondary cameras. Let’s see what you’re doing here.” 

Nessie ran up the legs of the desk and ran across the keyboard to his computer hoping to get his attention. She didn’t want anyone to get hurt. Kon has a good heart. I’ve been watching him for a while now. He can’t be part of this. 

With a burst of speed Kon snatches Nessie up off the floor.

“Well,The Universal Protection Agency what have we here? You the little fella chew up wires?”

Nessie squirmed in his grasp. “Let me go,” she said in her normal human voice.

Kon opens his hand so he will not hurt Nessie. 

“Well if you can talk, the means you chewed my wires on purpose. I’d start explaining.”

Nessie then formed into a woman. Kon gasped as he was not expecting this.  His heart fluttered as he saw her. 

She was wearing a uniform from the company, one she found in storage in case someone or something should see her. Her hair was pure white, as white as her face but her lips, her lips had a hint a red to them. 

“What are you?” he asked as she intrigued him. “Are you an angel?” 

“I had no choice, I apologize. I’ve been watching you for some time and I can tell you are a wise and caring man.”

Kon’s brow creased with concern.

“How did you get aboard my ship?”

Nessie, “I’ve been watching you.”  I hope he doesn’t report me. “I need to give you important information on this company, The Epoch society.”  Her heart raced through, “Please tell me I am not wrong. I’ve watched you for a while. You are a good man.”

I can hear your heart racing. Just calm yourself and breath.” Kon says as he pours a cup of water and hands it to Nessie. “Take a drink and relax. Tell me your story. You say you’ve been here for a while but I’ve never seen you. I don’t remember ever seeing you and I remembered seeing someone as angelic as you.” Nessie’s enthralled him. His eyes lingered on her every move. She’s clever, resourceful and angelic. 

Nessie sat though she was not at ease. 

I am a changeling. I can become I chewed through your wires so they can not see or hear us. The company you work for, do you know what their mission is? Do you trust them?

Kon leans back on his desk.

“I don’t trust them as far as I can throw them. What proof do you have?”

Nessie didn’t have much proof with her, but she can show him. “Kon, they travel through time changing events to suit their agenda. Stealing, killing and altering the course of events so they will be the most powerful. They destroyed my homeworld so they can use the changeling abilities.” She knew Maeve and Kon were close but Maeve did not know what happened to their homeworld.

“Maeve was not there when they destroyed our world. She left before they came. They kidnapped most of us and made us work for them. They told us we were helping the world by allowing them to use this ability.” Nessie looked away as she didn’t want to cry.

“I will show you,” she shows him the device on her arm. “This device allows us to time travel on our own. Most changelings can use this device and transform without those chambers. You have seen the chambers, I assume?”

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Ramblings of the Mind, is a collection of art, poems, and thoughts. Many of my poems might be dark and depressing, but writing is how I cope with things life throws at us. When I’m frustrated, hurt, and sad, I write. It helps me cope with my feeling though not every poem will fit this description most of them.

Ghost of a Life that is Not Mine

collection of gray scale photos

Photo by Fancycrave.com on Pexels.com


What have I done wrong,

To keep me from your mind?

Forgotten and left aside,

A memory of one who came before.



A ghost of a life that was not mine.

A memory of one who shares my face.

Lost in an endless tide, reaching but never touching.



Summers in the sun, the surf at our feet.

Summers in the sand, drawing, and laughing.

Summers on the street, bikes and games and more.



A ghost of a life that was not mine.

A memory of one who shares my face.

Lost in an endless tide, reaching but never touching.



My childhood lost in a daze

My Innocence long since forgotten

My memories fade away.



A ghost of a life that was not mine

A memory of one who shares my face.

Lost in an endless tide, reaching but never touching.