On Writing

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Yes, I still enjoy writing by hand. Don’t get me wrong, typing is easier and faster but I feel I am more creative with pen and paper.

I love the feeling of the pen in my hand,
The way the words flow onto the page,
The way my thoughts and feelings take shape,
And come to life in front of me.

I love the challenge of finding the right words,
The way they can create a world,
A story, a poem,
That can transport the reader to another place.

I love the power of words to change lives,
To inspire, to educate, to entertain,
To make people think,
To make them feel.

I love the feeling of being a writer,
Of being able to share my thoughts and feelings,
Of being able to make a difference in the world,
One word at a time.

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