True Friendship

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If you would know true friendship, look within
Your heart, and see if you can find a friend
Whose faith is strong, whose love is deep and true,
Whose friendship is as firm as rock or tree.

True friendship is not born of shallow moods,
Nor of a passing fancy; it is born
Of deep sincerity, of mutual trust,
And of a love that knows no selfish end.

A true friend is one who will not fail
You in your hour of need, who will not fear
To stand by you, though all the world condemns,
And who will help you bear your cross of pain.

A true friend is one who will not boast
Of his own virtues, but will rather seek
To hide his faults, and to magnify yours.
Who will not try to make you feel inferior,
But I will always strive to make you feel superior.

A true friend is one who will never tire
Of helping you, of encouraging you,
Of lifting you up when you are down,
And of cheering you on when you are discouraged.

A true friend is one who will never leave
You, no matter what happens, who will always
Be there for you, through thick and thin,
Through joy and sorrow, through sunshine and rain.

If you have found such a friend, be grateful.
And cherish him as the greatest gift of life.

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