Friends Whom I love

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Friends whom I have loved, though that time has gone. 
Friends whom I still love, but they have turned cold.
I know not why they turned away,
Nor what has made them cold.

They used to smile and speak to me,
And now they pass me by.
I long to ask them why they frown,
But dare not ask them why.

I know not what I've done to them,
Nor what has made them grieve.
I only know that I am sad,
And they are cold and leave.

I wish they'd come and talk to me,
To bury whatever this pain is. 
I'd do anything to please them,
And make them friends again.

I'd give them all I have to give,
If only they would come.
I'd give them my heart and soul,
If only they would love me as they used to do.

For so long I waited, now my heart is cold as well. 
Though I still love, and pray for my parted friends, 
I must know when the time has come, to be them far well, and move on. 

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