The Storm

photography of clouds during dusk
Photo by Ming SUN on
The wind pushed the sand into my face.
It stings as it hits like tiny bites across my flesh
I can barely see the endless mounds of sand in front of me.
I close my eyes, sheltering me from the ongoing storm.

Nothing is there to stop the storm.
I push one foot in front of the other.
One hand blocking my face,
And the other reaches out, hoping someone is there to pull me along.

The winds pick up, they swirl around me.
 No matter how hard I try, I can’t move forward.
I kneel and cover my head with my hands,
In a desperate attempt to keep the sand off of my face.
I kneel there helpless and alone. 

Then a hand rests on my shoulder.
Someone kneels down behind me,
 and shelters me from the storm. 

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