I Don’t Know You Like That

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There is a disclaimer this poem. My daughter has been sick. I have a few close friends who know here that I spoke to. This is her issue and not something I want to talk about everywhere. So many people want to know what’s wrong, but if you don’t talk to me daily, or ever every week, I am sure not going to tell you personal things about my kid. There are some people I am close with, but I have not talked to, and that has nothing to do with you as a friend, it has to do with me. Please respect that and spot messaging me for information. It makes you sound like a gossip junkie instead of a concerned friend.

I don’t know you like that!
I don’t want to tell you everything!
Because I don’t know you like that.

I told those I feel comfortable with.
I shared my feelings, and they helped me

I don’t know you like that. 
Just because you want the gossip.
To feel like you are in the know
Or to tell others, and gossip.

Not my issue. 
I don’t know you like that.
So don’t ask me to tell you what’s wrong.
If I wanted to tell you, and I considered you a close friend
You would already know. 

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