Overwhelming Fear, Irrational Thoughts

Overwhelming fear, irrational thoughts
Like a weight on my chest.
It pushes me down, suffocating my heart,
It sits like a boulder covering my chest. 
I can’t move it, as I hear my heart pounding in my chest. 
Louder and louder, it gets, as it blocks all other thoughts out.

Irrational thoughts and fears.
It squeezes my lungs making my breathing ragged.
Like a hand wrapped around my throat.
I gasp for air trying to scream but nothing comes out

My breathing is ragged.
My thoughts deceive me.
That is all I can think about.
That worry, that fear, it all consumes me. 

A sense of urgency,
A sense of regret.
How did I mess things up so badly?
My thoughts go to the worst things possible.

Overwhelming fear, Irrational thoughts, 
Can’t focus, can’t think.
Overwhelming fear, Irrational thoughts

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