Stand Back and Do Nothing

photo of woman in dark room
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When they laugh at you, and no one does anything about it. 
When they attack you, and your so-called friends stand back and do nothing.

How can they call this person a friend? How can they be okay with the things they do?
Stand back and do nothing, call this person a friend and lie to your face.

That is when you know that they are not real friends. 

You don’t say anything, for nothing good will come of it.
You don’t retaliate, for then you will be just like them. 
You try to turn the other cheek, but they hit that one too.
You want to be better than them, but your thoughts deceive you.

You try to say it doesn’t bother you, but deep down you know it does. 
It tears away at your confidence, your trust, your friendships.

And still, they say nothing.

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