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How we met?

I really enjoy reading works from other indie writers. Here is one that I have read. I met Nathan on Facebook. We were in the same Role Play group. And for those of you who do not know, written Role play is a wonderful way to develop stories with other writers. Sometimes when I have writer’s block, I Role Play something different than the story I am writing and get my thoughts going. Well, I met Nathan in a Role play group many years ago. At that time, I only had one book out, Birth After Miscarriage, but I was working on novels and so was Nathan.

The intro to his first story:

Welcome to my very first story. I’ll admit that this isn’t the most
traditional way to write a novel, which is why I wanted to
explain the reason I wrote it this way.
I’ve tried to write a book in an old-fashioned manner
by using complicated words people usually skip over
instead of taking the time to pronounce.
This way, on the other hand, was so much easier for me.
And from beta readers, I’ve been told it is easier to
understand. The words don’t exactly have to be
extravagant, making the story so convoluted (hard to
follow.) I can focus on moving the story along because
I can visualize it like my own little movie.
I hope my writing style helps you, the reader (and potential
fan), understand and visualize the story as it is intended.
Thank you and enjoy!!
~ Nathan Masen-McCray

If you are interested in more:

Here is his website:

Masen Shayfold has always wanted to live in a world filled with magic and fairy tales, especially his personal favorite, Sleeping Beauty.
In a small New England town, on a search to find his birth parents, Masen finds a hidden haven filled with magic and classic characters from various legends and fairy tales. He finally gets exactly what he’s always wished for when he discovers that his birth mother is the origin of his favorite tale.
Masen finally has everything he’s always wanted; family, a chance to create life, and the promise of True Love. . . But he and Braeghn are embarking on a journey that neither of them is prepared for. Braeghn’s never known how to be the dependable one because no one has ever put him in the position to do so. Now, both of them must depend on one another and prepare themselves for the joys of mother—and father—hood. However, looming shadows of doubt and fear are seeking to destroy everything in their future.

Can Braeghn defeat the shadows of his dark past, or will it destroy his chance at happiness? Is Masen fully capable to take care of this child alone if Braeghn can’t step up? Is their love strong enough to keep them together, or will everything fall apart?
For the first time ever, readers of The Enchanted Saga can own the first two chapters of Masen’s happy beginning. This edition, volume one of The Enchanted Saga, collects the first two books in the series—Enchanted: A Happy Beginning & Wonderstruck: An Enchanted Sequel—as well as a special prequel story titled Disenchanted!
Before I ever wanted to become an author, I wrote poems. I was very young and was going through a very emotional time in my life. I lived in very rough living situations, was in the closet about my sexuality, and had no outlet for the conflicting things I was feeling. It wasn’t until my 10th grade English teacher, Ms. Crowe, assigned my class to write poems… that I found my outlet. It was only a matter of time before I diverged from the assigned poems we had to write, to writing my own poems filled with love, pain, and inspiration. Now, for the first time in nine years, I have decided to share my raw poetry with everyone, directly from the pages of the original composition journal! I hope these poems allow you to understand what I have been through and how it has made me the warrior I am today!

Check out Nancy’s latest book:
Ramblings of a Chaotic Mind and The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Maeve
This is a collection of poems, thoughts, short stories, and art. I hope you enjoy them.

Ramblings of a Chaotic Mind-

The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Maeve
The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Matthew
The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Justin
The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Maurelle
The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Annabelle (Coming Soon)
The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Marius (Coming Soon)

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