Joharra Harper 

I really enjoy reading works from other indie writers. Here is one that I have read. I met Joharra Harper
on Wattpad several years ago. I read one of her stories and then joined a writing group she was running. If anyone is interested, I will leave the link for the group.  

She had several books out right now and one due out on Halloween.  I think it’s important for indie writers to support each other. 

Jasmine Perez Series

A story where a Princess finds out she’s the Chosen One & has to use her magic to defeat a Sorceress & save her Kingdom, & every Realm in existence.
Book 1:…/dp/B09GJPL
Book 2:…/dp/B09GJHMZW8/ref=sr_1_2
Book 3:…/dp/B09GJKM8SD/ref=sr_1_4

The Curses’s Light

(These are my favorites of all the books she has written.)
A story where a girl is the only one that knows her town is cursed, and has to use her light magic, with the help of a new friend, to save her town from a man trying to become immortal and fulfill her prophecy. 

Book 1:
Book 2:

Here is her Amazon author’s page. Check it out for new books and her new book coming out on Halloween.
Here next book is called the Realm of Monsters

Discord: (Writers Unite!)

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