Photo by Goran Grudić on Pexels.com
I thought you had my back. 
I thought at least one person would support me! 
To support me no matter what, 
Defend me to no end! 
100 percent, but I was wrong. 

I'm not good enough for that. 
I feel betrayed but you say sorry. 
I guess others are better, 
And I just have to accept 
That I am alone in this world?

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4 thoughts on “100%

    • Yes, it is. And when you have a friend or a significant other they should be on your side 100 percent. If you make a mistake they can tell you that you are wrong but that is between you and them not the world.

    • Yes it is. I sometimes write when I am feeling down in hopes it will help others to know they are not alone. For me personally my main problem is anxiety.

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