My husband Surprised Me

My husband surprised me one night when I was feeling really stressed and not good enough. He wrote
me a poem, and anyone who knows me knows that I love poetry. I in turn wrote one for him.

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 I want you to know (From My husband to me)

I want you to know
I will always be here
Through good times
And the bad ones too
I will stand with you
I will love you
Until the end of my days
I want you to know
There is nothing in this world
That can change how I feel
How special you are
How lucky i feel to have you in my life
I want you to know.
Just how amazing you are
How much love you have in your heart
How talented you are
I want you to know
I love you babe
And this is the poem I wrote for him. (This is not the first one I wrote for him, but it made me feel so loved that he wrote one for me.

Poem about Shawn

I want you to know
How creative you are.
How forgiving you are
How patient you are

I look at you and I see
All the goodness that God has placed in you
Nothing in this life will ever take me from you.
I will be with you in the good times and the bad

I want you to know
How understanding
how compassionate, 
and how loyal you are

I want you to know
How lucky I am to have found you
How blessed I am that you are in my life. 

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