New Poetry Book Cover

This is the new cover for the latest poetry book that I am working on now. I am hoping to have it done by this April so it can be out for National Poetry Month. 

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Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash
 Always asking if I did it right
Always worried about how others see me.
Always correcting to make everyone happy.

Do you like what I did there?
Do I need to change it?
Do you like how I wrote that?

The rejection,
The anticipation, 
The need to be the best. 

When will I be enough?
When will I be good enough?
When will criticism not get to me?

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This little voice inside of me keeps,
Telling me that I am not good enough. 
When you think you are good at something,
Only to find that you aren’t that good.
It is disheartening.  

Criticism is hard to accept.
A thick skin I need and do not have.

I often ask if I am good enough, 
But I don’t think I will ever know. 

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Book Club Group

For anyone who loves reading and those who love writing. Poetry/fiction/nonfiction/ and anything else you want. Artists and writers are all welcome! Anyone can join!

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Blog on Books (The Women of SilverSprings) Silvanna Snow

Here is another book by a fellow writer. The book is not out yet, so I have not read it. It is described as paranormal erotic. So, if you like that sort of thing, check this out.

This book is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

TheWomen of SilverSprings by Silvanna Snow

There is something strange going on in the village of Wellspring. There were many small villages through the lands, and most were subjected to raids from various other kingdoms and roaming bands of bandits. There were reports of villages being burnt, the men and children killed, the women raped and then killed. It was a horrible time to be a villager or anyone who did not live beyond the castle walls.

A deal was made, and now the women of the village must please the magical creatures that come to the city. If they don’t the peace of their village would be ruined forever. Could these unions end in love, or disaster?

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Blog on Books (Up and Down the Ladder) by Talia Flanzraich

I would like to start promoting other indie writers and any writers who really want a free promo on my blog. It just might take a while to get to everyone. If you have a book published, send me the blurb about it and the link with some promotional photos. I can take them as comments, but you can also e-mail me at I will be promoting on WordPress, Ello, and my own Facebook page.

So, the first book I am promoting is a poetry book that I read a few months ago. Go check it out! It is a quick and easy read but many of the poems resonated with me as a mom with autistic children. This book was written by a woman with autism. Many of the things she writes about I can relate to, and I can see my daughter relating to.

Up And Down The Ladder by Talia Flanzraich

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