Help For a Friend

This is from a friend who is in need.
Hello, my name is Tyler Conner. It’s taken me a while to come to this decision to create a GoFundMe account but I’m currently in desperate need due to all the health issues I’ve been dealing with over the past 2 years. I had a botched spinal fusion surgery last April and ended up losing all feeling in my left leg because of it. After ambulating on a cane for a year my right knee also became damaged. I recently had a second spinal surgery on May 26th of 2022 and just underwent an ACL reconstruction surgery June 15th to try and fix the damage. I have been out of work since April 2nd of 2022 and although my tax return has covered my bills since then the next few months will be rough on me and my family until I can get healed up and back to work. I do everything I can to keep a roof over my 2 young children’s heads as well as making sure the bills are always paid. I just need help now. I wasn’t eligible for short term or long-term disability with my job due to not being employed for 12+ months and I don’t qualify for social security disability due to not enough credits.

Check out his go-fund me.

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