Why do I speak?

 Why do I speak?
Why do I speak up when my words hurt others?
Is it better to be meek and quiet and stay away?
Is it better to just let things go and move on?
All I want to do right now is hide, but the pain is too much.
I hide but then in that hiding there is so much pain.
I don’t want to hide but I can’t deal. 
I can’t handle the arguments and rejection
So I pull myself away and hide though I cry. 
When I speak, I am loud and brash. 
I say what I mean.
When I speak people become upset. 
They lash out of they lash out on themselves
Blaming themselves instead of fixing what’s wrong. 
Then they turned it on me once again and I hid.
Should I face them, what good will come of that.
Facing someone leads to more problems but the problems I have are within me and not you.
I can only take so much before I speak.
 I can only be so quiet before I say something. 
And it's in that saying something that these issues come out.
Nothing is fixed, it's only me and me alone who has the issues. 
All else falls to the side as I hide.

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