The Monster Rises

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The Monster Rises
A monster rises up in my soul.
It grows and screams as it infects my heart.
Like a virus, it spreads.
It corrupts as it disseminates.
Be happy for them, a small meal voice whispers to me.
The monster shrieks!
Where were they when it was your turn?
Where were their praises and support?
Why did they pick her and not you?
How can they support him and not you?
Be happy for your friend.
Don’t sour their victory with frets of your own.
The monster bellows from within.
Its voice rattles my bones.
I try to hide it but it's the monster wails on.
I cover my ears blocking it out.
The small timid voice I hear calling out to me.
Be happy for your friend
Show them support
Do not let this monstrous nature eat away at your soul.
It will leave you in bleak darkness with a hole in your heart.
Fight this creature and be whole.
I sit with my hands over my ears fighting this monster from within.

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