Heart as Black as Your Soul

Heart as Black as Your Soul
You strike first, but then I strike back!
Did you expect me to sit and take your crap?
Did you expect me to roll over and play dead?

You call foul and
Lick your wounds and cry.
A pathetic wail as if you were innocent.

Do you think the others care?
Did you expect me to do nothing?
To sit back and curl up in a ball,
And shrink into oblivion?
While you attack me?
Did you not think I would defend myself?

I lash back, and you play the victim
Did you want me to curl up in a ball, cry and hide?

I lashed back! You couldn't handle it.
Did you expect to hurt me?
Was that your goal?
I suppose that was your mission, to crush the things I love.

I might seem tough but I'm dying inside.
You have taken something I love and tarnished it with your words.
Your barrage of words, and actions that eat away at my soul

Warping my mind, decaying my soul,
making me question everyone and everything.
But I suppose that is what you wanted.

You strike first, but I strike back.
The claws came out, and you cried foul.
You cry and coil away when others.
See you like the snake.

Is it fun to be the bully?
Do you get a rush crushing others?

I might strike back, but then I fade
I hide away and cry.
You take what I love and crush it, till it is nothing
I suppose that was your goal when your heart is black as your soul.
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Photo by Rahul on Pexels.com

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