A Glimmer of Hope

heart drawn on glass of wet window
Photo by Ugur Tandogan on Pexels.com
I stand at the door knocking,
As I wait,
But there is no response.
Only darkness meets me there.
Only depression and isolation.

The absence of the warmth,
Of the friendship, I once knew.
I knock again, hoping for a response.
A sign of hope,
A glimmer of trust.
Anything I can hold onto when,
Nothing is given.

I see you from a distance,
And see you with my friends,
But why have I been pushed away?
Why do you shun me and forsake me?
Why and how could you forget me?
Am I that useless and unimportant in your eyes?
How is it that I can fight for you when no one fights for me?

A glimmer of hope is all I need.
Just open a crack to let the light shine in. 

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