Green Lantern OC

I made an OC which is an original character for a role play group I am in. My husband wants to play a Green Lantern, so I was looking for a character to role play with him, but nothing inspired me. So I made my own character.

Name – Skye MacArthur

Age  26

Supernatural Origin – Human

Gender – Female

Nationality – American

Parents – Both deceased killed in a home invasion

Siblings- none

Children– none

Skin – Pale with freckles

Hair – Auburn

Eyes – Bright Green

Height – 5 foot 6

Weight – 160

Occupation– Currently special Agent with FBI former (dealing with supernatural) think X-files. Lieutenant in US Armed forces. 

Power Set/Skillset: Excellent marksman and specialized in Weapons training, excels in hand to hand combat, forensics, and demolitions, tactical training, excellent in communications and computers. 

First aide, CPR and other emergency medical personal training. 

None until she gets the green lantern ring. Though she has tactical training. Hand to hand combat, special weapons, 

With the ring: Powers will come slowly as she develops and learns them through role play. She will word on dealing with becoming a lantern and learning how to adapt to being a lantern and staying an FBI agent. 

Background: Her parents were murdered in a home invasion when she was 8 years old. She hides in the closet and has never forgiven herself for that. The police were never able to find the people who killed her parents. She went from forester home to forester home until she was 18  years old and then took odd jobs to pay her way through school. She believed in justice and what happened to her parents and those who murdered them and got away with it was not justice. It took her a long time to get over wanting revenge as she realized, but watching the news and reading the paper that bad things happen all the time and sometimes there is no one to help the victims. 

While in college, she was approached by an army recruit officer who told her that if she enlisted, then when she came out the army would pay for her schooling. She accepted the offer and trained while going to school. She rose up the ranks to Lieutenant and then seeing her skills she was recruited by the FBI for a special assignment to investigate marginalized, unsolved cases involving paranormal phenomena. She is more concerned with cases that are unsolved such as what happened to her parents. She wants everyone to have justice and in turn stop crime and solve these things that seem unsolvable. 

I would like her to become a green lantern in role play and develop the skills and powers and have her deal with becoming a green lantern and what it means.

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