United Role-Players, Writers, Artists, and Friends

We are a role play, writers resource group. For anyone who loves reading and those who love writing. Poetry/fiction/nonfiction/ and anything else you want. Promote your own books, blogs, role plays, and more. Artists and writers are all welcome! We are also a place to escape, role play, and enjoy ourselves. No reason to worry about being active or your RP style. We wanted to make this group for those who want to make friends and for those who want to RP. And help each other become better role players and writers. Share your links, practice in Roleplay, and have fun. ALL QUESTIONS WHEN YOU REQUEST TO JOIN!!!

We are rated M for mature posts that may contain graphic violence, strong language, implied nudity and or sex, alcohol, and or drug use. We do not allow Smut or ERP! We are 18 Plus, please do not try to sneak in or add people who are underage. 

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