The Best of You

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I push people 
Sometimes, I push them too hard 
To succeed and be better 
To excel and be mindful 
But what does it bring? 

They might say I annoy them 
I’m a stress and a bother 

Am a fly on the wall? 
Buzzing around you? 
Being swatted at and splattered  
As if I am nothing at all? 

Pushed away until I am nothing? 
Pushed away until you need me 
But that is no friendship at all? 

Am I the ant you step on? 
And scrape off your soul? 
But what of that soul? 
As if I am nothing at all? 

I push people to create 
To dream and overcome 
I wanted you to be your best 
For that is the quest of a friend 
But you looked at me as a bother 

And pushed me away until  
I had nothing to give 
And I did nothing you wanted. 
And that is not friendship at all 

When do you stop pushing? 
That is the hardest thing! 
Will you be alone and forgotten? 

Ignored and erased? 
Or simply alone

Success! You're on the list.

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