Hold On

a person holding a rose
Photo by Jackson David on Pexels.com
Hold on tight, no matter how lousy you feel 
Cry if you want, but don't give up. 
It burns and your miserable but you keep fighting 
Hold on tight, but no one cares 
Scream out loud, but no one cheers 
It scorches your soul but you keep fighting 
Rotten and moldy, frail and rancid, 
But why do you still hold on? 
Why do you hold on to rotten dreams, 
Broken promises, and lies of devotion 
Let go of those rats, the tricksters, and deceivers 
Take charge of your life, move on and be happy 
Turn away from those who wish you harm, 
They seek to damage and berate you. 
Take charge of your life, hold on to those 
Who are true and just, pure, and honorable 
Hold on tight to those who cheer you on 
No matter the costs, they will be there 
Hold on tight to those lift you up who you to succeed 
Hold on to them and let go of the rest.  

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