Women Need to Support Women

We are many and we are worthy. 
We are a force to be reckoned with. 
We are your mothers and wives. 
We are your best friends and your support system. 

We don’t support each other as we should. 
We don’t challenge each other as we should.  
We don’t acknowledge each other's success. 

We need to praise each other. 
We need to lift each other up. 
We need to challenge each other, 
So, we can be the success we know we are. 

So, we can be the women this world needs. 
So, we can be the women we are meant to be. 
So, we can be the women who changed the world.  

Get rid of Jealousy you hold on to! 
Get rid of the competition between us! 
Get rid of the hate! 
Love each other and support each other. 

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