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Why do we let the same people hurt us over and over again? 
Why can't we see what's coming at us? 
Why can't we move out of the way and not let that train hit us? 
We hear the train racing down the track. 
We let it hit us, time and time again. 

We get hit so many times, that we say 
It's ok. 
I'm used to it 
or it's fine. 
Then we apologize to the person who hurt us. 

Time and time again the same scenario 
Forgive and forget 
Forgive and move on 
But are your walls now up? 
Are you cautious now? 
Or do we let the same pain and suffering in again? 

Why do we forgive and why do we let people back in? 
It is fair to let people in, but only at a distance? 
Does it make us an awful person to not allow them back in? 
Does grace mean letting them in too? 
or does it just mean not carrying the anger around with us? 

We offer compassion but where is our bliss? 
Where’s our peace and joy? 

Do we protect ourselves, or for the sake of grace, allow them back in. 

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