When Friendship Was a Lie

alone man person sadness
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
I stood by and watched 
And I didn't say anything 
And  sometimes I looked away 
My lips never moving 
My voice never making a sound 
In protest to your plight 
I never stood up and never spoke out 
I sat at my desk and watched and listened 
But never spoke out in your defense 
My heart hurt of the things they did 
My heart ached and I saw how they made you 
But too afraid to move 
So many people hurt and none of us could move 
We let them decide who we were 
And let them decide what we do 
Vile, heart retching acts and still, I did nothing 
We just followed the crowd 
And now all we have is regret. 
Where are you now?  
Will you forgive those who hurt you 
And those who just stood by 
Will you forgive me?

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