Creed Elite Wrestling Show #24

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reed Elite Wrestling Show #24 With Guest GM- William Zona

1. Normal match- Billy the Bird vs. The Savior

2. Submission Match- Catherine Storm vs M.I.A.

3.Normal Match- Ronnie Butler vs. John Ewing

4.Normal Match- Absinthe vs. Lilith

5. Normal Match- Gravitywell vs. H8er

6. Normal Match- Bella Creed vs. Miss V

7.MMA Rules- T9X vs. Bullet (#1 contendership for U.S. championship)

8. Normal Match for Empress Title- Zelda Bunny vs. Sarah Haver

9.Normal Tag Match- Brotherhood vs. Nu Blood (#1 contendership for the cew tag team championships)

10 Elimination Chamber- Son Goku vs. Jeff Black vs Brows vs. Big Ben vs Caleb Blackwell vs Mark Bennett (#1 Contender for Baddest Mofo in the yard)SHOW LESS

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