CEW Show #25 Bring on the Misery

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Creed Elite Wrestling Show #24

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reed Elite Wrestling Show #24 With Guest GM- William Zona

1. Normal match- Billy the Bird vs. The Savior

2. Submission Match- Catherine Storm vs M.I.A.

3.Normal Match- Ronnie Butler vs. John Ewing

4.Normal Match- Absinthe vs. Lilith

5. Normal Match- Gravitywell vs. H8er

6. Normal Match- Bella Creed vs. Miss V

7.MMA Rules- T9X vs. Bullet (#1 contendership for U.S. championship)

8. Normal Match for Empress Title- Zelda Bunny vs. Sarah Haver

9.Normal Tag Match- Brotherhood vs. Nu Blood (#1 contendership for the cew tag team championships)

10 Elimination Chamber- Son Goku vs. Jeff Black vs Brows vs. Big Ben vs Caleb Blackwell vs Mark Bennett (#1 Contender for Baddest Mofo in the yard)SHOW LESS


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Photo by chris liu on Unsplash
When you know someone is not acting like they should.
When you know they are taking things out on others.
When you are their target, you should pray.

Pray for your soul as well as theirs. 
Pray unceasing for their soul as well.
Pray for their clarity.

Pray so you no longer hold hatred in your heart.
Pray that you can have peace in your soul.
Pray for forgiveness and compassion.

You know something is wrong; you know they are not themselves.
You know they are not acting as they should. 
You need to pray.

You need to pray even if people don’t like you.
You need to pray, even if they don’t want you to.
You need to pray and never stop.

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I Guess

I thought you were better.
I had more faith in you than this.
It crushed me when I found out.

I thought you were better.
I thought we were actually friends.
But I guess that's a lie, and it's always been a lie.

Maybe I thought more highly of you than you think of yourself.
Maybe I thought more of you than you truly are.

I don’t think I am special; I thought you were.
I don’t think I am great; I thought you were.
I don’t think highly of myself, but I thought highly of you. 

I guess I was wrong to put that much faith in you.
I guess I was wrong to call you a friend. 
I guess I was wrong; I wanted you to be better.

I guess I was wrong, maybe it's just me.
I guess I was wrong; I put too much faith in you.
I guess I was wrong, believing in you.

I guess I was wrong.
I guess I meant nothing to you.

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Photo by Yitzhak Rodriguez on Unsplash

You give and you give but where does it get you?
You give and you give and they laugh.
You pray, and you try to show your best self.
You pray, and you show God’s love and they laugh.

They laugh and call you names. 
They laugh when you aren't looking.
They whisper when they think you are not around.
They take as you give and give nothing in return. 

You let it go. They aren’t worth your time.
You laugh it off and walk away.
You pretend it doesn’t bother you.
Their lies, their deceptions but it does.

You put on a good face. You keep them at a distance but watch them.
You put on a good face and learn sometimes you need to let go.

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