Never Fail to Be Kind

 I am broken.
The words slice through me, 
Carving my heart into pieces.

All my dreams, my plans, my goals,
Crumble before me. 
My heart lays into bits and pieces.

Why do words hurt so badly?
Why do we let them tear into us and knock us down? 

I pull myself up, 
And pick the pieces of my mangled heart off the floor.
I hold it in my hands, crying out for help.
I try to mind it, 
I tried tape, glue staples, but none of them worked.

Why do I let words hurt me?
I stand up, put my broken heart back and dust myself off.

Words tear us down.
Words can also restore us.
Love restores all wounds.
Love saves us all.

Words can tear you down.
Words can also restore you.
Always lift someone up.

Never fail to be kind.
Remember, words can be a powerful tool.
They can tear someone down, or lift them up.
Use with care. 
Photo by Randalyn Hill on Unsplash

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