I Lost

woman wearing blue dress with umbrella during sunset
Photo by Alexandr Podvalny on Pexels.com
I lost
People I thought I would have forever.
I lost
Chats and talks I thought I would always have.
I lost
Though how do I get it all back, and do I even want it all back?
Socially impaired.
No idea how to make or keep friends.
Socially Impaired. 
With the world so busy, and my mind so confused.
Socially impaired. 
In this world of confusion. 

How do you move an acquaintance to a friend or a friend to a good friend? 
How does one keep friends and how does one make friends?
I lost a sense of myself and my own desires. 
I lost the nuances and gestures that help others to figure this out. 

I was lost, but now I am found. 
I Found
Strength in myself that I will have forever. 
I found 
Chats and talks I will have forever. 
I found
I love that will not quit and I never have to wonder where it went.

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