The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Justin

Justin is book 3 of the Shadow Realm Chronicles! Justin is available on Amazon and Walmart and other books stores. Let’s take a look at the first chapter and get sucked into the world of vampires, shadows and more.

The halls were quiet at Rivers Peak High School. As the
clock struck 12, the bells rang, and the halls filled with
students hurrying to their lockers to get their lunch.
Carillon came out into the hall. “No running in the halls,” she
warned her students.
Justin was standing at his locker with a pensive look on his
face. He opened his locker, grabbed his lunch, and then slammed
it shut.
Carillon watched him and thought how odd his behavior was
for a boy that was usually so happy. What’s wrong with him? She
went over to him, but he headed outside with the rest of his class
before she could reach him.
Carillon headed back to her room to get her lunch, but she
saw a peculiar sight when she looked out the window. Outside,
Justin sat on a bench with his lunch while the rest of his class sat
on the grass eating, talking, and playing. Why is he sitting by
Carillon walked outside with her lunch and checked on her

class before making her way over to Justin. “Are you feeling
okay? Don’t you sit over there,” she pointed, “with your friends.
Justin looked up at her. “I’m fine. I don’t want to sit with
“You know I can tell something’s bothering you. I saw you
slam your locker, and now you’re sitting by yourself. You’re not
an angry person.” Carillon sat on the bench next to him at the
picnic tables and brushed her hair out of her face. She was
He sighed. “Fine, we have this project. We’re supposed to do
our family tree.” He didn’t want to upset her. “But I don’t have
one. My parents left me. I don’t even know their names.”
“Oh, Justin, I’m so sorry. No one ever told us.” She wished
that he thought of Luke and her as family. “If you agree, you
could do your project on our family? You know Luke, and I
consider you family. We think of you as our son.” We are your
family. Why can’t you accept that? She bit her lip, trying to hide her
Justin looked up. “I guess.” He shrugged.
“Maybe I can do some research on your parents for you. How
does that sound?” Carillon wasn’t sure if she would find anything
as she never found anything before.
“You can do that?”
“Justin, I love you. Luke and I want you to know how much
we love you.” She put her arm around him and kissed his
“Thank you,” he said, but he wanted to know who his real
parents were. His determination was unwavering.
She smiled. “You’re welcome.” She stood and walked back
into the school.
Justin looked over at his friends as they ate. He sighed and
smiled slightly at them.
Lily forced a half-hearted smile as she sat on the bench, her
skirt blowing in the breeze. Is he upset with me? Lily always wore a

skirt or a dress. She wasn’t too happy because friends wore jeans
and t-shirts most of the time. Her parents would only let her wear
skirts and dresses.
“Why isn’t he sitting with us?” Roger asked. Roger was large
for his age, though he never ate much in school for fear that other
kids would make fun of him. That was until he met his friends. He
felt safe and comfortable around them. He knew they would
defend him, no matter what.
Lily wasn’t the only one watching Justin. Nancy was, too, but
she understood. She sighed as she watched him and their teacher,
Mrs. Smith, speaking with him. “It has nothing to do with us. It’s
the assignment. He wants to know who his parents are,” Nancy
James didn’t understand. “Why? Mrs. Smith is his mom.”
James didn’t always pick up on things as fast as the rest of them
did. But he has a family. Why is he so sad?
“Mr. and Mrs. Smith adopted him. He wants to know why his
parents left him,” Nancy added in a distant tone while she kept
her eyes never left Justin. She wasn’t sure if she should talk to
him now or later.
Roger noticed how Nancy was looking at Justin. He put his
hand on her shoulder. This startled her at first as she was not
expecting it. She had been watching Justin and not paying attention to much else. His sudden touch made her jump. “Roger, oh,
sorry,” she said as she smiled.
“Nancy, I understand. We can talk to him after school. Maybe
at choir practice,” he said, keeping his hand on her shoulder,
hoping it will comfort her.
“That’s a great idea, Roger,” she said as she glanced back at
Justin. “I don’t think he wants us around now.” Roger is amazing.
Nancy had always found it easy to talk to Roger. I have real
friends. She could confide in them and trust them as she could
never do with anyone else. Roger was different. He didn’t understand just how special he was to Nancy.

Lily and James sat listening, though James still didn’t
“We can talk to him later,” Lily added.
“I am sorry, but I still don’t understand. He has a family.”
James looked at Nancy. “It’s not what happened to you.” James
always spoke this way.
Nancy was uncomfortable with the topic being discussed.
Roger rubbed her back, knowing how it upset her. “It is different,” she said, her eyes filling with tears. “My mom loved me, but
she died. His parents left him. It’s different.”
Roger added to support Nancy. “He feels abandoned. He
wants to know why they abandoned him. This assignment
brought back those feelings.”
James nodded, “Ok, I get it now, but why can’t we talk to him
“He doesn’t want us to see us now,” Lily said in a depressing
“I don’t think he wants any of us there. He needs time to
himself.” Roger was always the voice of reason. “We will talk to
him at practice.”
Nancy smiled as she looked at Roger. Roger always knows what
to say.
Lily looked back at Justin. “Ok, I hope he will talk to us.”

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