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There are toxic people in the world.

Once you realize who they are, 

Your life will be better.

Don’t cry over people who used to be your friend.

If they don’t want you, it is their loss and not yours.

If they are toxic, then it is better that they are gone.

You may be sad at first, but in the end you will be better off.


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Why am I a forgettable person?

Why do people abandon me?

I lose so much, but why?

What is wrong with me?

Why do so many people leave me?

Family, friends it’s always the same.

A forgettable person who means nothing to you.

I should be used to it by now.

But why does it hurt so much, still?

It Makes Us Weak

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Anxiety makes us weak, and it costs us so very much.

It binds us to a way of thinking and holds us down.

It keeps us questioning and debating. 

It makes us weak. 

Self-doubt makes us question everything people say to us.

Do they really like us or is it just a front?

Do people mean what they say or do they grow tired of you?

It makes us weak.

When they see you for who you are, they never like what they see.

Are you a bad person? Unpopular or just unloved?

They say one thing but in reality, mean another. 

When you learn the truth you realize how little people care. 

Does this make you weak?

No, it makes you wise.

Left Adrift

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Do you ever feel pointless?

As if you mean nothing to others.

You are left adrift with your life as others move on.

Stuck in a rut, of endless doubt. 

You doubt everything but most important you doubt yourself.

You try to move on but the seed of doubt stays with you.

It grows and grows until it has infected everything you are. 

So you are left to drift, on your own. 

While others move on, you wander aimlessly, wondering why.

What is your with you? Why did they leave me?

 Why am I left a drift?

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