They Leave You

Because no one really truly cares. They hold onto you until they no longer need you and then they leave.

Note: this is a photo of my dog. Yes she is old, but I love her.


When Will I Learn?



When will I learn, to keep my mouth shut?

When will I learn, that you don’t want my opinion?

When will I learn, that I really don’t have friends?

When will I learn, that it’s only a matter of time before you leave?

When will I learn, that you really don’t care about me?


When will I learn,  to not let my self-doubt rule my life?

Our Friendship is Over You Say?

Our friendship is over you say?

You claim foul,

But yet you pushed me away.

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Look in the Mirror

There you are waiting for the fallout,

Sitting at home waiting for the drama to insure.

Are people crying or hurting or talking about me?

Again and again the same old story,

But no one cares.

No one cares because you’ve done it so many times.

I wish you well but the pain you have caused others is too much to bear.

You push us away but want use to wallow in self-pity.

Pushing us aside,

So many times I don’t care!

I don’t care what you think anymore!

We are not friends, and probably never were.

You made people cry and question themselves!

That is not what freindship is about.

Sitting at home wondering where we are and who we are talking to,

But guess what we don’t care!

You did it so many times, that is doesn’t phase us anymore.

What I used to cry over, the tears have all dried up.

No more compassion for someone like you

You want to be gone from our lives,

Then be gone for those are your choices not ours.

You are a coward and you don’t care what you do to others.

No one needs a friend like that in their life.

Look in the mirror and see why no one is talking to you.

Look in the mirror and see you are all alone.

Look in the mirror and see the villain you are.

You did this to yourself no one did this to you.

Be the one with no friends

For this is the last time I waste a breath on you.