Tempers flared, our words hurt as

Our tongues lashed shameful insults

Faith destroyed as trust was broken

Others more important and the safety of a friendship

Tarnished by words

A poison of words hurt both

We licked our wounds

Bandaged ourselves up and went on with our lives

Were you feeling victorious after such a battle??

Did you hurt as I did?

Did it feel good to throw a friendship away?

Or perhaps it was not as important to you as it was to me?

Were you as lost and as broken as I?

Did you long to talk to me as I longed to talk to you?

How do we move on from this? Is there a way of getting back what we lost or did we push all of that away?

Is there too much hurt and mistrust now?

Where is the friendship we had before?

Is the road back too difficult

Covered with thorns and weeds of places long forgotten

Can we forge through and find our way back or become lost once again

On the road to recovery.

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