Which one is the best?

Okay, I have a few ideas for a book cover. Please let me know what you think. Vote for the one you like the best.



Not worth it!

I think I have been unfair. If everyone around me leaves me, maybe I am the problem. I should not take it out on you. You fight for the friends you want and I am not one of them. I was angry that you didn’t fight for me, but I am not worth it. Please dont come back and say oh but you are. I know I am not. You fought for ohters but didn’t fight for me. It took me a long time to realize that I am the issue.

Blue Blanket

A small blue blanket lays on the side of the bed.

Tossed aside with holes and tears.

She used to hold it each night,

But as time moved on the blanket

Fell to the side.

A girl runs into her room in tears

Much older now, she lays on the bed and cries.

In the corner, the little blue blanket lays

Wishing to comfort the little girl.

Never on your mind

I ask about you.

Wonder how you are?

I wonder where you are?

And if you think of me?

The truth hurts as I know,

You never ask about me.

For they say,

I am never in your thoughts.

My name never in your mouth.

I want to rage, cry and scream.

I want to shake you and show you,

What you lost.

But chances are you won’t care.

I was never important and a thought.

All I could offer was a loyal friend

But that was never enough for you.