Red Balloon

Most people who know me, know that I am afraid of clowns. Of course, this leads to them saying things like, “They all float down here,” or “Hey Georgie!”  And one of my favorites, red balloons popping up all over the place. As anyone who has seen the movie IT or read the book will know Pennywise most times has a red balloon or there is a red balloon shows up when he is near.

One of my middle school students gave me a Christmas present.

.99 Cents for Birth After Miscarriage

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Check out my book on Kindle and Paperback! 



Check out my book on Kindle and Paperback!
I always wanted to be a mom. After my miscarriage, I thought it would never happen. God had a wonderful plan for my life. I just have to wait and put my faith in Him. Many women suffer the tremendous loss of a miscarriage. They often believe they are alone, but they are never alone. Rest assured that it is not anyone’s fault! It is simply a sad component of life. In every four pregnancies, one ends in a miscarriage. I am sharing my story to help other women who have experienced the same pain I have.