The ones who were pushed away

pushed away

How do you help the ones who want no help?

How do you help the ones who will not listen?

Do you let them get hurt again?

Do you help them even after they push you away?

They seek friends who mean nothing to them while pushing away the ones who do.

They stir the drama pot when things are boring.

They go out with guys that treat them poorly.

How do you help them when you were the one pushed away?

Do you forget them and move one?

Do you pray from the sideline?

Or do you cry?

for you are the one who is not wanted?



I wanted to create a group where people can share posts, and pray for others. A place to encourage others in their faith, no matter what phase of their walk they are on. We do not discriminate. God created all and loves all.
In any group there are some rules, admins will delete and block any member that posts anything sexually illicit, political (we are not debating anything here), and is in any way rude to any members. This is a safe place for all to come, share their prayer request and things they are going through in their life. An unspoken prayer request is fine, if one of your friends has a post in which they are asking for prayer, you can share it to our page so we can also pray, offer support and sometimes offer help.

Prayer Group