The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Matthew (Book 2) Chapter 34 Matthew Questions Maurelle


Maurelle smiled as she laid next to Matthew. She put her head on his shoulder as she rubbed his chest as he slept. The warmth of his body comforted her. She didn’t want to leave. The air was bitter outside but the bed was warm and full of love. Her wings couldn’t take the sudden cold spell. She couldn’t fly in the winter for fear of her wings freezing. She had to keep them tucked away to protect them.

Matthew woke as she felt her warms hands on him.  “Good morning my fairy.” He said as he leaned over and kissed her. For the first time since his supposed death he was happy. Maurelle loved him even though she couldn’t remember him she still wanted him. For that moment he was happy. For that moment he forgot his mission. He forgot his own son hated him and he forgot about the darkness that was carving his heart. He was happy, for a moment.

“Maurelle.” He whispered. “I know someone was here yesterday.” His paranoid was setting in. He observed two cups sitting on the table when he entered last night. “Tell me. I won’t be upset.”

But Maurelle feared that he would. “He was crying and cold. I wanted to warm him up.”

Matthew smiled. He knew Justin would come and find her. He must know that she is his mom.  “He knew you were his mother.” He looked at her waiting for her to confirm what he already knew.

She looked at him curiously. Wondering hwo he knew it was Justin. “I know how upset you were yesterday. I didn’t want to upset you anymore.”

“What did he tell you?” He turned to her and grabbed both of her arms. Shawn was going to turn her against him. He must have told her about the tasks. But why did she stay if she knew. “Tell me!”

“Ok first, back the hell up.” She was not having any of this. Sure he needed love and she could help him fight the darkness but not by treating her like this.

Matthew had forgotten himself as he let some darkness out. He never wanted to hurt of scare Maurelle but he smiles as he loved her spunk. “I’m sorry my dear, I’m so close to having my family back.” He touched her face gently, “I’m so sorry I scared you.”

Maurelle smiles, “It’s okay. I know you were upset. He was upset as well. I felt foolish. I didn’t know what to say to help him.”

Matthew looked off as she spoke, “What else did he say? What did he tell you?”

Maurelle felt like she was being interrogated. “He told me about your tasks.”

He was afraid of this. “Oh did he.” He said as he continued to look away. He was afraid to look at her for fear that she would reject him. He couldn’t bear to see her disappointed in him. Everything he did was for them.   But what she said next surprised him.



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