The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Matthew (Book 2) COMPLETED Chapter 32 Connecting to Mom


Maurelle didn’t understand either but Justin said the Shadow Realm. She knew about that horrendous place. “I’m sure I don’t have the answers you’re looking for but I know about the Shadow Realm. Justin if your father spent anytime there. Well let’s say it changes a person. It’s a dark and lonely place. If he fought his way out of there, he must be a strong person. You must have given him something to fight for. You gave him hope otherwise he would be a slave to the Shadow King.”

Justin wrapped his arms around her as he wiped his tears. “But how do I get him back to the man he was before? How am I supposed to help? I don’t even know what he was like before.” He said in between sniffles.

“I wish we know who he was before.” She said. “Maybe you need to show him love. Show him that no matter what has happened you still love him.”

“I don’t even know him.” He said rather cold. He was still reeling from all he learned this day.

“But he knows you. And he fought to get back to you. He fought through all sorts of hells and darkness. Things you can never imagine and I hope you never see. The darkness is overwhelming. It devastates you and controls you. It’s the complete absence of love.” She realized then love was what Matthew needed from her. It was what he needed from Justin. He may not realize it but to restore him, love is needed.

Justin looked at her as she said this but he knew she must know him. She was his mother. He was convinced of that now more than ever. “Do you know my dad?”

“I’m not sure. I meet a man named Matthew when I came here. It’s a common name though, Matthew. He made this house.

Justin jumped up. He looked around. “He made this?”

“I think so. I mean I think he is your dad.” She knew he was, but she didn’t want to scare him. She knew Matthew would be back and Justin would leave once he found out. “Would you like to see inside? Maybe it will help us be able to help him.”

“You met him. I knew it!” She was his mom. Matthew told him he met her. He hugged her which Maurelle was not expecting.

Although she didn’t expect this, she understood it. He too thought she was his mother just as Matthew though she was his wife. Oh how she wished it were true.

“Justin, I’m so sorry. I don’t know who I am. It seems your father thinks he knows me but everything in my mind is blank. As if someone reached in and pulled out my memories.”

“Don’t worry mom. You will remember.” He knew her father had taken his memories. It was all playing out just as his father said.

Maurelle felt guilty. If she was his mom, how could she forget her own child. But if she wasn’t his mother, how can she take someone else’s family. His real mother will come back, Maurelle would be a distant memory. I wouldn’t matter just like I don’t matter now. “Come inside. Maybe we can find something in the house that can help us both.”

Maurelle walked with him into the house. Even if she wasn’t his mother, he still needed help, and she was the only one who could help. Besides, she was a fairy after all and that’s what fairies are supposed to do. We are supposed to help people. She told herself with conviction but she was wrong.

As they walked in, Maurelle thought he could be hungry. The weather had turned bitter cold. “It’s cold out there.” she took her and made two cups of hot chocolate appear on the table. “Justin, is there anyone I should contact for you. Someone must be looking for you.”

“My parents I guess.” He said as he shrugged.

“Parents? But I thought Matthew was your father. He should return here soon.”

Justin jumped as she said this. “I can’t see him. Not now.” He felt bad for thinking of leaving. He wanted to say with her but he was not ready to face him.

Maurelle understood, “Maybe I can talk to him for you.”

“I hope it will help but I want to see you again. Not him.” He smiles, “I can just call you.”

Maurelle wasn’t following what Justin was suggesting. “Call you? Will you be that close enough so I can hear you?” If she had her memories, she would have remembered what cell phones were or just a phone.

“By phone.” He said. “You know what a phone is don’t you?”

She shook her head. “No, but I have this.” A beautiful mirror appears in her hand. It was an old fashioned hand held mirror. It was silver with flowers all around the side. “Take it. You can use that to talk to me.”

“Is it magical?” Justin asked. Everything about this new world excited him.

“Yes it will allow you to communicate with me. I have my own. Whenever you need you say my name in the mirror and I will be there.” She hands it to him “The magic works when you say my name into the mirror.”

Just then they both heard someone opening the front door.

“It must be Matthew. You better go.” She said with a warm smile.

Justin hugged her and ran out the back door with mirror just as Matthew was coming in the front.’




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