The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Matthew (Book 2) COMPLETED Chapter 31 Maurelle and Shawn


Maurelle walked around the house admiring what Matthew created. The house was amazing, but yet it was family, How could it be familiar? She checked out the kitchen, touching the stove as she walked by. “So many meals could have been prepared in a kitchen like this one. She thought about her mother as she sat in the kitchen. The teapot that sat on the stove told a story of many days of hot chocolate and hot teas.

Maurelle’s mother always made hot tea for herself and hot chocolate for us when it was cold. Whenever it snowed, we made hot chocolate and sat in the window watching it come down. It was a happy memory. She wished she had more memories. “There have to be more. This house feels like it is filled with memories. I can feel it.”

As she looked around the house, she cried. She felt all the love surrounding this house but there was none in her life. She sat on the couch in the living room as the fireplace crackle. “I wonder what family lived here before?”

She got up and continues to explore the house. As she walked down the hall as her hands moved along the wall she stopped. “I’ve been here before.” She shook as the anticipation of as she went through each room. “Just like my vision.” she put her hands on the bedroom door. “The same one. How can it be here?” She wondered.

She was about to open the door when she hears someone on the porch. Thinking it was Matthew she ran to the porch. As she ran out she startled the boy sitting on the porch.

Justin jumped, “Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t know anyone lived here.” he has never seen this house before. “It seemed to just have appeared.” He was hoping to escape from everything he learned about his dad. His face was pale as anxiety had taken over.

Maurelle knew something was wrong, but she didn’t know what to do. She took his hand and led him to the bench as she sat next to him. “You’re trembling and it seems you’ve been crying.” This was clear by his red puffy eyes.

It was then that Justin took notice of her. He had so much on his mind before that he never noticed she had wings. “Wings! You have wings.” His eyes grew wide as he looked at her but then he smiled. She was beautiful and a real fairy.

“Oh I’m sorry.” She apologized. She stood as her wings folded and then disappeared. “I forgot that people here aren’t accustomed to seeing fairies. I mean I didn’t mean to frighten you.” she sat as she sat back down on the bench. “You already seem so upset.”

Justin calmed himself. Something about her was so calming. It was peaceful. “I am angry. I met my father for the first time and he’s not what I thought he was.”

Maurelle nodded. “It’s often difficult. We create this ideal person in our head and there is no way anyone can live up to that.”

“Yes but tis more that than. He’s evil. He’s done horrible things. How can I accept that?” He didn’t know why he was so comfortable with her. “Do I know you?” He asked Maurelle.

Maurelle felt something to. She felt a connection. “I don’t think so but I might know you.” She knew this made little sense to him. “My name is Maurelle and for some reason I don’t remember well. Seems as if most of my lives memories have been taken from me.”

“Wow that’s amazing and sad all at the same time. My name is Justin, but I found out my real name was supposed to be Shawn.” He shrugged. “I guess there are some memories I would like to forget.”

She looked at him wondering why he was telling her all of this. “I’m sorry. You’re upset. Don’t worry about my memory issues. How can I help you?”

Justin didn’t know how she could help but he felt like talking. He needed to tell someone how he was feeling. He didn’t think Luke or Cari would understand but Maurelle would.. “My dad died. My mom too. But turns out they are not dead. My dad returned, but he said my mom lost her memory. I don’t know where she is.” He thought about this. It was odd he thought. This woman, Maurelle, she lost her memories just like my mother did. Maybe that’s why I am so comfortable with her. He thought about telling her his suspicions but was afraid he would scare her.

He continued his story keeping his suspicions to himself. “He fought his way out of the Shadow Realm to get back to me. I don’t know what he was like before but the things he did were awful.” Justin told Maurelle everything. He told her know his dad cut the heart out of his friend and how he gained power by doing us.

Justin was overcome with emotions. He tried to hold everything in but emotions came pouring out of him. Each time he spoke his voice cracked. Whenever he said “Elijah” he stopped speaking. He couldn’t find the words to describe it.

Maurelle held his hand. Sometimes saying nothing and just listening was the best thing to do, and that is what she did. She listened.

He told her about Matthew’s missions and how he felt hearing all of this from his father. “My dad said he was ashamed of what he did but I don’t believe him.” He looked at Maurelle almost asking her to explain it. “He seemed to enjoy it. He killed his friend, and he was happy about it. I could see it in his eyes. How can that be?”



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