The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Matthew (Book 2) COMPLETED Chapter 29 Matthew’s Darkness


“Carve his heart out! No I will not!” This was insanity. He said turn him over, he didn’t say I had to do anything.

“Oh, but you were ready to turn him over when you thought I would be the one doing the killing. Now you see you have it you’re having second thoughts. Well there are no second thoughts. We had a deal and if you don’t follow it, I will eat both of you.”

I looked down. What do I do now? I was such a fool for listening to him, but I needed my family. I put my hand out to take the dagger.

The Minotaur smiles as he handed it over. “Very good, the Shadow King has a good slave in you.”

With the dagger in my hand approached my friend. My heart was racing so such that it hurt as if my heart would come out of my chest. I put my left hand over my heart as my right tone held the dagger, I tried to silent my heart as it made no sense for it to beat. Wasn’t I supposed to be dead? This never occurred to me. This entire time, my heart had been beating. Was I dead or was this all part of some sick game? Maybe this was all a trick?

I looked back at The Minotaur hoping for another way.

However he laughed, “No, there is only one way now.” He answered as if he could hear my thoughts.

“You made your choice.” He said with a smile.

I turned away from him and looked at my friend as he stood there in chains. “I’m sorry my friend.”

He looked at me with pleading eyes. “Please friends. You don’t need to do this.”

“But I do and I’m sorry.” I replied.

“Then you are just like him, you are just like the Shadow King and I regret offering you any help. I pray for your family. Completing this act will change you. You will not be the same man that left them.”

I didn’t know what he was saying. How dare he question me? “I will do whatever I can to get back to my family.”

He closed his eyes, “Then do what you must. However you are damning yourself to hell.”

Agner took over me. I took the dagger and plunged it in his chest. He screams out in pain as his eyes opened. He tried to speak but blood came from his mouth. He started at me as if his eyes were daggers going into my soul. I cut. Striking at his chest with full of rage and hatred for this man. Just because he questioned me. I pulled out his heart and held it in my hands as it was still beating. His blood was now covering me. My hands were red, my face was even the walls.

I turned to The Minotaur and handed him the heart. He bowed to me which I was thrilled to see.

I felt a change inside of me. Was I now these creatures masters? I looked at The Minotaur. “What now? Are you to eat him?”

“Only if you command me to Master.”

I smirked, “Show me the way out first.” I thought of my task. All I needed to do was find the exit. The monsters were supposed to stop me but now they help me. “Then you can do what you want with him.”

I smiled as I could feel the power surging through me. It was an amazing feeling. I had to have more. I know now I would defeat the Shadow King and get back to my family.



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