The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Matthew (Book 2) COMPLETED Chapter 27 The Labyrinth


I looked at the massive doors in from of me. “Better get started.” I said as I walked in and saw the maze. The walls were made of trees and bushes. “How can hedges move?” I thought. Just then the doors closed behind me. I jumped as I was not prepared for the large bang the doors made. However, the doors were replaced by hedges. The was unnerving. How am I got get out of here once I finished my task? It will take an eternity to get out of here. I did not understand what to do first, but I needed to find a way out.

I looked back at the hedges that were now where the door once stood. To my amazement they were moving. It seems as if time had speed up and the trees, and vines were growing rapidly. The pathway that was once open was now blocked by such vines. “I guess I have to go this way.” It was the only path that was available.

I was careful as I walked through the maze. I was afraid to get too close to the hedges thinking the vines would pull me in and tie me up. I checked each path for monsters as I tried to be quiet. I thought if I was quiet, I could go unnoticed and observed the monsters before attacking them. Learn their weaknesses and figure out how to defeat them.

I heard a large roar. The sound shook me to my core. I turned around and saw such an amazing site. It would have been breathtaking if I wasn’t in mortal danger. Having no other option, I ran. As I ran the walls kept changing. Walls were popping up and falling all over the place. I could almost feel its breath on my neck. My hands were shaking as I stumbled grasping at anything I could to propel me further. To my luck, a wall came up between us and gave me a moment to breathe. I knew I could run into another monster at anytime, so I didn’t take long to rest.

I found a place to hide where I could get a better look at this monster. It was magnificent. It had the head of a lion, the must have been the roar I heard. It also had the body of a goat and the tail of a snake. That’s when I realized that it was a chimera. How was I going to fight this thing? I wondered if I could get the snake to bite the lion, maybe it could kill itself. In my heart I knew this was a bad plan, but it’s all I had.

Soon the Chimera had found my hiding place and once again I was running. As a ran, I collided with another person or I thought it was a person. I was running so fast that when I hit him I fell backwards as our heads hit each other. Before I knew what was happening I was thrown on the back of a horse and we took off galloping away. I remember little of this. When I came to I was in a safe place. I saw my savior and I am ashamed to admit that was surprised by him. As Matthew as telling this story to Shawn his seemed guilty or ashamed.

Matthew stopped his retelling of his story. He sat at the table uncomfortable moving in his seat.

Shawn knew something was wrong. “What is it? Why did you stop?”

“There are things I am not proud of. Some things I did to get back to you. He lied however. He was proud. He laughed to himself because of all the dark deeds he committed. All the power he has now made him who he is today.

Shawn didn’t yet understand, and that was just what Matthew wanted.

Matthew hoped that by the time Shawn knew everything he had gone through that he would join him Father and son to take over the realms. As soon as Maurelle remembered who she was, his family would be complete.

Shawn took his father’s hands. “It’s okay, please keeping going. I want to understand.” He pleaded.

“Okay son. Just try to understand when you’re in this place you will do anything to get out. Especially when you think your family is in danger.” He continued. “His name was Elijah, and he was a centaur. A centaur is a mythological creature with a head of a man and the body of a horse. He carried me on his back.

“You’re a centaur.” I asked.

“Yes, I am. My name is Elijah.”

“It’s nice to meet you Elijah. My name is Matthew and I owe you a great deal of gratitude You saved me.” Matthew put his hand out to shake his before realizing that Elijah didn’t have hands.

“I am here to help. Many have come through this labyrinth and failed. I have failed to save so many of them.” He hung his head in shame.

“It’s ok friend We will both get through this together.”

“The trick it to defeat The Minotaur. He controls all the monsters. Once you defeat him, you will be free.”

We walked through the labyrinth searching for The Minotaur. We were careful to avoid other monster this creature control. Whatever you want to call them. It made little sense to waste my time fighting these other monsters when all I had to do was kill The Minotaur. We needed to conserve our energy to fight this one.

So, we hid most of the time, however our smell carried. It wasn’t easy, but we did our best. We walked around the labyrinth for days trying to find him. We came to a section of the labyrinth that wasn’t like the rest. Most of it has been hedges, but this looked like a house. There was a great big blue door at the end of the hall. Matthew walked up to open it. “I guess we go in.”



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